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Mismanagement led to a huge missed opportunity to build a more resilient grid. What Yanira Cardona remembers most about living through the blackout that hit... [Read More]
On the small Welsh island of Skomer, puffin numbers are booming. But in former strongholds in Scotland, Norway and Iceland, the picture is ever more... [Read More]
"Without nature, how would we survive?" was one of the questions asked by a Dexter Elementary School second-grader at the reopening of Minna Anthony Common... [Read More]
Replacing all those natural gas furnaces is going to be tricky. Around five years ago, my wife and I decided to do a whole bunch... [Read More]
Off the tip of Cape Cod, pods of humpbacks return every summer to feed. For the past 18 years, Philip Hoare has been joining them... [Read More]
Calls by joint inquiry to bring forward UK car sales ban have been resisted by government... [Read More]
Everest has a major pollution problem, and the climbers are to blame. [Read More]
This brilliant interactive map, made using reams of open-access data, lets you see how Earth's surface has changed over the last 750 million years. [Read More]
If current greenhouse gas emission (GHG) trends continue, scientists warn that sea level rise will flood more than 300,000 coastal homes over the next thre... [Read More]
A new study by Canadian researchers is the latest in a wave of investigations revealing a worrisome lack of transparency in the seafood supply chain. [Read More]
The team, co-led by Professor Xiangfeng Duan, reported on their development of a new process for assembling seminconductor devices. The study titled "Approaching the Schottky–Mott limit... [Read More]
Rising rates aren't an unmitigated evil for your finances and portfolio, but some perspective is in order. [Read More]
It is easier to buy a tiger in some states than to adopt a rescue dog – and only 6% of the animals are housed... [Read More]
Connecticut is taking major steps forward to help the environment. [Read More]
Santa Barbara is about to toughen its policies on the sale and use of styrofoam in the city and also the use of plastic items... [Read More]
A local park is gaining national recognition as a place for wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation recognized Jacob's Nature Park in Johnson City as a... [Read More]
Ascension Parish has won a seat on the groundwater commission that oversees the health of the aquifer beneath Baton Rouge, over the objections of some... [Read More]
The newly renamed Center for Conservation Social Sciences will work to understand the public's relationship with natural conservation. [Read More]
Notes of the Southeastern Naturalist, Issue 17/2, 2018 Recent noteworthy distribution records for Deinopis spinosa(Marx, 1889) (Araneae: Deinopidae) in the Southeastern United States Dirk J. Stevenson1,*,... [Read More]