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When Eden* gave birth to her first child, she was hoping to have her mother by her side. Instead, her mother was stuck, thousands of... [Read More]
Though it looks like an extraterrestrial scene, this landscape belongs to the Danakil Depression, in a remote northeast region of Ethiopia aptly named Afar, near... [Read More]
The economic success of the state of Israel has come at a cost. For all its problems, Israel is an island of wealth and stability... [Read More]
Replacement demand dominated Eritrea tire market, as there are no automobile manufacturing facilities in the country. Eritrea is prominently divided into three regions including Northern,... [Read More]
Montana is having one of its coldest winters in decades, but for 12 refugee families from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo,... [Read More]
A lawyer from Sudan, a footballer from Iran, an aeronautical engineer from Eritrea: They are among 80 migrants who have traded France's "Jungle" tent camp... [Read More]
The waters off this troubled nation shelter pristine reefs and a plethora of exotic fish. [Read More]
A coffee shop that recently opened in California is serving customers more than just steamy cups of latte or espresso, offering an additional true life... [Read More]
International Rescue Committee/Kevin Lane Mulu Bahre had been sitting across from a US refugee officer for hours, answering a series of detailed questions... [Read More]
Deaths recorded in slow winter months and International Organization for Migration fears toll will rise in warmer weather... [Read More]
More than 400 migrant deaths have been recorded so far in 2017, including on the Mediterranean crossings to Europe from North Africa and the route... [Read More]
Of the accepted refugees, seven were from Afghanistan, four from Ethiopia and three from Eritrea, according to the document seen by Reuters. It was not... [Read More]
CBS 58 is your local source for the Milwaukee news, Milwaukee weather, and Milwaukee sports. [Read More]
Yemeni Commander: More Surprises to face Saudi Aggression ... [Read More]
The nonprofit Berkeley cafe trains and hires a staff of refugees, asylum seekers and special immigration visa holders. The shop, which opened in late... [Read More]
Ariam Kesete, 28, who immigrated to the United States from Eritrea, is starting her largest project. [Read More]
Nairo Quintana showcased his fine early season form ahead of a Giro d'Italia-Tour de France double attempt by storming to victory and the overall lead... [Read More]
'No one should be left homeless after fleeing the devastating conflict in Syria or persecution in Eritrea,' says Red Cross chief executive Mike Adamson... [Read More]
If you're planning the trip of a lifetime but need some inspiration, read on. Dane Henrik Keppesen has visited every country in the world -... [Read More]
World Relief and a group of people gathered at Spokane International Airport on Thursday night to welcome a refugee family from Eritrea, Africa. [Read More]