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Clapham has produced a sharp political history of Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. (Unfortunately, his book largely ignores Djibouti, the fourth country located in the Horn... [Read More]
Statement Summary:  OSMAN SALEH MOHAMMED, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Eritrea, said the world was increasingly fragile, unjust and unequal.  The majority of nations and their... [Read More]
Here's a look at what you need to know about The Republic of Sudan, a North African country bordering the Red Sea, Egypt, Libya, Chad,... [Read More]
Thailand's airlines have been handed a boost after the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) removed a red flag against the country over its safety record.... [Read More]
A MIGRANT who killed her own baby which prosecutors say was conceived when she was raped on her way to Germany has been jailed for... [Read More]
Essel Group ME Limited ("EGME") is pleased to announce that it has appointed Colonnade Mining Group (Eritrea) Limited ("Colonnade&rd... [Read More]
Two Eritrean TV journalists who spent more than a decade imprisoned in Ethiopia have been released, according to family members and Eritrean press freedom advocates.... [Read More]
Military spokesman warns Iranian-backed rebels will soon have missiles capable of reaching bases in Israel. [Read More]
The US also further restricted North Korea, Eritrea, Russia and Syria as nations that fail to crack down on human trafficking... [Read More]
Oral update by OHCHR on the situation of human rights in Eritrea followed by General debate under agenda Item:4 Human rights situations that require the... [Read More]
The Secretary-General met today with H. E. Mr. Osman Mohammed Saleh, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea.   The Secretary-General and the... [Read More]
The governments of far too many countries persecute their citizens, including one we hear too little about: Eritrea. [Read More]
Mara Getz Sheftel and husband Rabbi Josh Wineberg are assisting a refugee mother and daughter from Eritrea get their bearings in Brooklyn. [Read More]
Africa remains the most marginalized of all continents, and therefore talk of an 'African Renaissance' and of 'fastest growing economies' is misplaced and premature, Eritrea's... [Read More]
Osman Mohammed Saleh, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Eritrea, addresses the general debate of the 71st Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New... [Read More]
25 September 2017). [Read More]
By Roxanne Thompson Staff Writer Emma Lewis, a 17-year-old home-schooled senior from Limestone County, traveled to the Texas panhandle town of Cactus on a one-week... [Read More]
James Akena/Reuters North Korea has had friendly relations with many African countries since the anti-colonial struggles of the 1960s, which it supported. Several African... [Read More]
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