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Hey, wait a minute. Doron Lubinsky of Atlanta (Public Forum, Feb. 11), where are you coming from? The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is a... [Read More]
From a speed skater for Singapore to a downhill skier for Eritrea, many more Pyeongchang athletes have Canadian roots than the 225 in this country's... [Read More]
A large protest against the current government plan to deport asylum-seekers from Sudan and Eritrea is taking place in Jerusalem, attracting around 2,000 people Saturday. [Read More]
The 2018 Winter Olympic Games have officially begun in Pyeongchang, South Korea, with a spectacular light show and the traditional parade of athletes entering the... [Read More]
They fled war and poverty in countries like Sudan and Eritrea. But Israel sees many of them as illegal immigrants and is working to deport... [Read More]
What is Korean sport diplomacy? Why are Russian athletes competing as neutrals? And how will first-timers Nigeria and Eritrea fare? We take a look at... [Read More]
The son of the defendant, an asylum seeker from Eritrea, has been placed in foster care... [Read More]
An immigrant's journey to America is often an emotional one — uprooted, they leave a part of themselves behind to start anew on foreign soil.... [Read More]
In recent months, the government of Israel has signaled its intent to force tens of thousands of African migrants to either leave the country or face indefinite... [Read More]
Wait until the open borders types get their hands on this one.  Watch the venom and vitriol start to fly. Which country would do such a... [Read More]
The Israeli government is hiring people off the street to hunt down African refugees. The going rate is 30,000 shekels or in our money $9,000.... [Read More]
El gobierno israelí inició un plan de deportación en masa que apunta a expulsar de Israel a hasta 40.000 africanos solicitantes de asilo. La mayoría... [Read More]
The Israeli government has launched a mass deportation plan aimed at expelling up to 40,000 African asylum seekers from Israel. Most of the refugees are... [Read More]
Israeli immigration authorities have given deportation orders to dozens of refugees from Eritrea and Sudan. [Read More]
Israel has begun issuing deportation notices to thousands of African migrants. Almost 40,000 African migrants are facing an uncertain future after Israel began... [Read More]
Israel gives asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan 60 days to leave the country in first wave of deportation notices. [Read More]
Israel began the process of serving deportation notices to African refugees from Eritrea and Sudan. [Read More]
Las autoridades israelíes comenzaron el domingo a repartir avisos de deportación a miles de inmigrantes africanos. En las misivas, Israel indica que los inmigrantes... [Read More]
The first round of notices, which gives asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan 60 days to leave, will be issued to men without children –... [Read More]
Tensions are heating up around the Nile as Sudan sends troops to the border with Eritrea at the same time that cordial meetings are being... [Read More]