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Two reports of swastikas on the Toys "R" Us building on Valley River Drive in Eugene were made to the Human Rights and Neighborhood Commission... [Read More]
We've all seen the signs on lawns around town asking for a "yes" vote on Measure 101, but just what that measure is can be... [Read More]
• Scott Landfield at Tsunami Books says that the longtime bookstore and performance venue has until Jan. 15 to have $302,000 ready to go into... [Read More]
• Bauman Tree Farm, 541-746-8990, plans to manually spray Velpar L, Vista, Atrazine 4L, Oust XP, Alligare 90 (non-ionic surfactant) and/or AD-Wet 90 CA on... [Read More]
• You should have gotten your ballot in the mail this week for Measure 101. Vote "Yes!"  ... [Read More]
Remember, dear reader, last year I carefully explained the difference between a horse race and a political race? (In a horse race the whole horse races, remember?)... [Read More]
TRY NOT TO BREATHE Thank you to Camilla Mortensen and Kelly Kenoyer for delivering news that matters in the Dec. 28 edition of Eugene Weekly!... [Read More]
What do compulsive inappropriate thoughts, suicidal tendencies and cute raccoons have in common? They're all frequent topics of Maria Bamford's comedy. Bamford brings her unique... [Read More]
I, Tonya is a strange beast. Craig Gillespie's new film is often painfully accurate in its visual depiction of poverty, but apt to put a... [Read More]
• Eugene Weekly's huge "sports department" is thrilled to see the actual huge sports department at The Register-Guard finally giving the University of Oregon women's... [Read More]
THE ONLY GOOD REPUBLICAN In the recent edition, you print an editorial urging the ouster of Greg Walden from Congress (12/4). But then you give... [Read More]
The turn of the calendar year comes, not coincidentally, at the turn of the solar year. It would be appropriate to celebrate New Year's Day... [Read More]
Tatiana Havill Affatati, bassist and back-up vocalist with new Eugene garage-rock three-piece Nudie Mags, has been reading David Byrne's book How Music Works. [Read More]
If the titles of artworks in Barbara MacCallum's Appropriating Science at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art through Jan. 28 remind you of a movie... [Read More]
In these troubled times, one way to take care of your mental health is to get out and dance. That's what a 34-year-old Cottage Grove... [Read More]
So the new you wants to get in shape this year — a lofty goal that is easier said than done. If diets and gym... [Read More]
Egan Warming Center faced a record 11 straight days of activation this year, and with three months of winter left they're banking on hundreds of... [Read More]
Oregon voters face a decision regarding the future of health care when they go to the polls for the Jan. 23 special election. Measure 101... [Read More]
On Dec. 20, a small crowd of supporters once again followed Rod Adams to the Eugene Municipal Court as he faced sentencing for criminal trespass... [Read More]
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) sent a warning letter to Goshen, Inc. on Dec. 1 for various water quality-related violations at its "wood... [Read More]
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