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Adding another reason for doctors to avoid the overuse of antibiotics, new research shows that a reduction in the variety of microbes in the gut... [Read More]
A protein called COUP-TFII determines whether a mouse embryo develops a male reproductive tract, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health and their... [Read More]
Children with lower diversity of microbial species in their intestines are more susceptible to severe infection with the Entamoeba histolytica parasite, according to a new... [Read More]
Farmers can grow big, juicy tomatoes thanks to a mutation in the Cell Size Regulator gene that occurred during the tomato domestication process. Esther van... [Read More]
Mussels are one of the worst perpetrators of biofouling, or the unwanted accumulation of organisms on underwater structures. A team of scientists from the Wyss... [Read More]
The earliest introduction of domestic chickens and black rats from Asia to the east coast of Africa came via maritime trade routes between the 7th... [Read More]
Astronomers have identified a white dwarf star in our galaxy that may be the leftover remains of a recently discovered type of supernova. [Read More]
Early surgery to repair tears of one of the shoulder rotator cuff muscles provides lasting improvement in strength, function, and other outcomes, reports a study... [Read More]
A collaborative research by Brazilian and Dutch scientists shows that many of the genes that are expressed by microglia are different between humans and mice,... [Read More]
Researchers recently showed that migratory reed warblers depend on an internal geomagnetic map to guide them on their long-distance journeys. But it wasn't clear how... [Read More]
New findings challenge existing dogma that neurons release fixed amounts of chemical signal at any one time and could have implications for brain disorders including... [Read More]
Researchers have discovered a new reaction mechanism that could be used to improve catalyst designs for pollution control systems to further reduce emissions of smog-causing... [Read More]
A lubricant-infused polymer could reduce the problem of fouling, in which mussels, barnacles and other organisms encrust themselves to ship hulls and marine pipes. [Read More]
Older adults are drawn to Facebook so they can check out pictures and updates from family and friends, but may resist using the site because... [Read More]
The US Army Research Laboratory is working on developing new light-weight ceramic materials that resist fracture, and has teamed with researchers from the University of... [Read More]
Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have devised a method to selectively erase particular fear memories by weakening the connections between neurons involved in... [Read More]
Writing in the current issue of Current Biology an international team of biologists, including Richard Holland and Dmitri Kishkiniev of Bangor University, UK, explain how... [Read More]
Wheat growers of the inland Pacific Northwest have been slow to adopt no-till farming, in part because short-term residue accumulation can encourage fungal soil-borne disease... [Read More]
A scientist of the Soil Science Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University together with the colleagues have designed a simple technique for quantitative characteristic... [Read More]
A team of Army scientists and engineers have challenged long-held views in the area of human-autonomy interaction to change the way science involves people, especially... [Read More]
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