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The largest study to date of body sizes over millions of years finds a 'pulse and stasis' pattern to hominin evolution, with surges of growth... [Read More]
Hydrogen-based solar energy storage and biosensing techniques could be dramatically improved after University of Sydney researchers show the validity of theory first proposed in 1931. [Read More]
Pregnant women today are more likely to have chronic conditions that could cause life-threatening complications than at any other time in the past decade --... [Read More]
A fungal parasite that infects ants and manipulates their behavior to benefit the fungus' reproduction accomplishes this feat without infecting the ants' brains, according to... [Read More]
The delicately mannered dance between discerning eggs and vying sperm is more complicated than scientists once believed, and it may hold secrets about the evolution... [Read More]
Samer Dessouky, professor of civil and environmental engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio, has received $298,000 through the Strategic Alliance between the... [Read More]
On Nov. 9 at the world's largest conference and expo for design-related industry professionals, UAIPW Director Esther Sternberg, MD, and the US General Services Administration... [Read More]
A team of researchers at the University of California San Diego developed a method to identify the molecular structures of natural products that is significantly... [Read More]
More than 80 percent of immigrants residing in the U.S. without authorization near the California-Mexico border have a lifetime history of traumatic events, according to... [Read More]
Following AASECT's position statement on sex addiction, CPS, NCSF, and TASHRA publish their collective position opposing the sex/porn addiction model. This is based on current... [Read More]
The research centers around Goal Driven Autonomy (GDA), a method for solving problems driven by what is known as 'goal reasoning.' This method involves physical... [Read More]
Researchers from the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) have received a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin a three-year project to... [Read More]
Prof. Joey Mead, a highly regarded researcher in cutting-edge fields including nanomanufacturing and flexible electronics and professor of plastics engineering, has been named Distinguished University... [Read More]
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered a compound that in laboratory tests irreversibly stops the growth of certain aggressive, treatment-resistant tumor cells. [Read More]
On Nov. 26, Altria, Philip Morris USA, R.J. Reynolds and other tobacco companies will begin to publish court-ordered 'corrective statements' about cigarettes, the result of... [Read More]
The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin today announced a new partnership with the Dell Medical School's Women's Health... [Read More]
Researchers in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Biochemistry have discovered that a cellular pump known to move drugs like antibiotics out of E. coli... [Read More]
A team led by University of Idaho scientists has found a way to stimulate formation of new neural connections in the adult brain in a... [Read More]
Human teeth hold vital information about Vitamin D deficiency, a serious but often hidden condition that can now be identified by a simple dental X-ray,... [Read More]
Brain images of people who developed neurological complications from West Nile virus found that many of them -- including those who had experienced mild symptoms... [Read More]