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PRINCE Harry has whisked his girlfriend Meghan Markle on an "extreme" camping trip surrounded by polar bears. [Read More]
Films have dictated their course, career and life choices – and it's paid off in surprising ways. [Read More]
Rhabdomyolysis is a rare but real risk of high-intensity workouts. Here's how to spot the symptoms, and prevent it from happening to you... [Read More]
Scientists weigh bold steps, many carrying unknown consequences, to directly alter the Earth or its atmosphere... [Read More]
Soldiers who shared good news with their loves ones had better physical and mental health. [Read More]
Terry McAulay and Bill Vinovich are the lead refs for Sunday's games, and their regular-season resumes show a variance in number of fouls called. [Read More]
The South Pole Telescope is perfectly located to gaze deep into the universe, but it takes a hardy group of astronomers to live there over the winter. [Read More]
Michigan Humane Society director looking for help in "extreme" case of animal abuse regarding a dog found with ears and nose cut off. [Read More]
We have seen a decent amount of rain and snow lately, but it has not been enough to bring us out of our drought. [Read More]
The only... [Read More]
According to Societe Generale's monthly Hedge Fund Watch report, hedge fund positions, either long or short, tend to reveal valuable insights on financial market. So with less than two days to go until... [Read More]
In 2016, Oklahoma set a record for the most anti-LGBT bills introduced in one session, worsting Texas from the year before. Fortunately, legislative deadlines kept them from advancing, but now one…... [Read More]
A new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has found that "2016 was the highest since record keeping began in 1880." [Read More]
Hunger levels are so severe in drought-ridden southern Madagascar that many people in remote villages have eaten almost nothing but cactus fruit for up to four years, said a Catholic Relief Services o... [Read More]
Sydneysiders struggle to cool down as temperatures exceed 30°C during the night. [Read More]
Oil City YMCA Adds Cardio Dance, Extreme Fit Joanne Bauer | ... [Read More]
 ZM hosts Jase and PJ are definitely not shredding for summer, embarking on yet another ridiculous challenge.  This time, the radio larrikins have set them... [Read More]
Weather service officials declared Northern California free of the drought, but that's not the case in the Central Valley and SoCal. [Read More]
The left has expanded its goals to policies that are far more radical. They want to give everyone a guaranteed basic income, yet they want to wipe out the high-income taxpayers who finance the... [Read More]
European electricity prices soared to the highest in almost a decade as an abnormal cold snap strained supplies tightened by power plant outages and worker strikes. [Read More]