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Q: Does the National Institutes of Health fund research on human-animal chimeras, or organisms that are part-human, part-other animal?  A: With some exceptions, the NIH doesn't... [Read More]
This week's fact-checking video by CNN's Jake Tapper looks at a fanciful story that President Donald Trump tells about President Barack Obama's last scheduled meeting... [Read More]
As President Donald Trump listed the accomplishments of his trip to Asia, one example remains a mystery. "Vietnam is ordering at least $12 billion worth... [Read More]
A TV ad by a coalition of liberal groups leaves the false impression that 47 million "middle-class" households would be "stuck with the tab" for... [Read More]
Q: Did President Donald Trump shut down a service dog training program for veterans? A: No. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center ended its contract... [Read More]
President Donald Trump left a false impression that a plane carrying former President Barack Obama "came close but it didn't land" in the Philippines due... [Read More]
The estimated cost of the Republican tax plan would not be the "largest tax cut in history" as a percentage of gross domestic product or... [Read More]
Q: Has the U.S. Supreme Court issued a warrant for the arrest of one of Barack Obama's treasury secretaries? A: No. The person named in... [Read More]
Q: Was the man who killed more than two dozen people in a rural Texas church trying to start a civil war as a member... [Read More]
Q: Did a judge in Montana rule that a "Muslim man can marry 9-year-old girl"? A: No. The couple in the "wedding" photo are actually... [Read More]
Leaders in both parties make false and misleading claims about the GOP's $1.5 trillion tax cut plan. [Read More]
Q: Is the Department of Defense planning a drill that will cause a nationwide blackout? Is antifa involved? A: No and no. The Army is... [Read More]
Sen. Rand Paul misrepresented two studies supported by federal grants, while advocating legislation he introduced to change the federal grant funding process. [Read More]
President Donald Trump criticized Sen. Chuck Schumer for helping to create the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program used by an Uzbekistan-born immigrant charged with killing eight people... [Read More]
Will the Republican tax plan be the "largest tax cut in history," as the Trump administration has repeatedly said? That's still unknown. But past tax... [Read More]
President Donald Trump described George Papadopoulos -- a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign who has pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents... [Read More]
Q: Did Hillary Clinton leave "the country as Mueller Indictment is announced"? A: No. She was in the U.S. all weekend. FULL ANSWER Hillary Rodham... [Read More]
When it comes to litigation brought to the World Trade Organization for dispute resolution, the U.S. wins the vast majority of cases it brings, and... [Read More]
It's doubtful, as CNN's Jake Tapper explains, that average household income would increase $4,000 a year if the corporate income tax is cut from 35... [Read More]
Q: Were two Democratic congressmen arrested for having ties to the Islamic State? A: No. The two congressmen named in a fake news story don't... [Read More]
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