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CNN's report that federal investigators "wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort" has prompted some readers to ask why we don't "correct" our March 6 article... [Read More]
Republicans and Democrats are making competing claims on whether the latest GOP effort to repeal the ACA continues to protect those with preexisting medical conditions.... [Read More]
EPA head Scott Pruitt criticized former President Barack Obama for leaving 40 percent of Americans with air quality that doesn't meet EPA standards. But a... [Read More]
In this week's fact-checking video, CNN's Jake Tapper and highlight a claim that President Donald Trump made about the nation's job growth. [Read More]
Q: Will California allow HIV-positive people to donate blood? A: No. The Legislature has passed a bill that would reduce the penalties for those, including... [Read More]
The president made misleading boasts about his record on the economy and foreign issues. [Read More]
In advocating for a corporate tax cut, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin overstates the consensus when he says "most economists believe that over 70 percent of... [Read More]
Q: Did former President Barack Obama pardon Wendell Callahan, who was later accused of killing three people after his early release? A:  No. Congress unanimously... [Read More]
Q: Did Katie Couric cancel an interview with Hillary Clinton because Clinton called former President Barack Obama a racial slur? A: Clinton did no such thing. Those... [Read More]
Q: Did Black Lives Matter protesters block emergency crews from reaching Hurricane Harvey victims? A: No. That false claim was made in a satirical story... [Read More]
In lifting the Obama-era restrictions on police acquisition of surplus military equipment, Attorney General Jeff Sessions misleadingly cited studies to claim that President Obama "went... [Read More]
A GOP super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a digital campaign ad about "Chemtrail Kelli" that could leave Arizona voters with... [Read More]
Q: Did the Supreme Court rule that President Donald Trump can build a border wall without the approval of Congress? A: No. That story comes... [Read More]
In this fact-checking video, CNN's Jake Tapper and examine the comments that President Donald Trump made to supporters in Arizona about the violent rally... [Read More]
Q: Did President Donald Trump defend a Confederate flag he hung in the White House? A: No. That was written by a website that "provides... [Read More]
A campaign ad attacking Republican Sen. Jeff Flake falsely says that he hasn't worked with President Donald Trump to "repeal Obamacare." [Read More]
Q: Is the man who drove his car into a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, a Hillary Clinton supporter, and funded by George Soros? A: There... [Read More]
Q: Does a video corroborate a belief by Charlottesville police officers that the driver in the fatal car attack at a white nationalist rally "was... [Read More]
This year, SciCheck writer Vanessa Schipani has appeared on NBC10 in Philadelphia several times to discuss some of her stories. [Read More]
President Donald Trump claimed that his administration is "spending a lot of money on the inner cities." But there has been little change in spending... [Read More]
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