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Researchers from the Turku Centre for Biotechnology (BTK) in Finland have discovered that a cellular fuel sensor, known to control energy processes in the cells,... [Read More]
China's President Xi Jinping will make a state visit to Finland on April 5, the Finnish president's office said on Wednesday. [Read More]
Microsoft is making its Surface Studio all-in-one PC available outside the US for the first time on April 20th. Starting today, the Surface Studio and... [Read More]
Helsinki photographer Kristo Vedenoja captures the colourful mix of architectural styles in Finland's capital on Instagram, one square at a time... [Read More]
Finland's Amer Sports (AMEAS.HE), which makes Wilson tennis rackets and Salomon skis, will buy U.S. ski maker Armada for $4.1 million, the company said on... [Read More]
Ashley Wagner has quite a to-do list at the World Championships this week in Helsinki, Finland."A huge task at hand," she said.At the top of... [Read More]
Language requirements may pose a problem for British people resident in Finland post-Brexit. [Read More]
Thousands of young competitors in Finland are competing in equestrian jumping and dressage events while riding horses on a stick; telling naysayers to hold their... [Read More]
Follow the action in real time with live dispatches from CBC Sports' Pj Kwong, Scott Russell and Brenda Irving in Helsinki, Finland. [Read More]
Roope Tonteri, a professional snowboarder from Finland, has created an epic snow and skateboard assault course in his back yard which starts with a half-pipe... [Read More]
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has, for the first time, performed all manufacturing stages for a flexible in-moulded LED foil -in roll-to-roll process. The... [Read More]
A BRITISH resident living in Finland who backed Brexit strongly rejected fears he would be deported because Britain is cutting ties with Brussels. [Read More]
HELSINKI, March 27- Finland's Financial Supervisory Authority will set higher risk weights next year on housing loans in banks' capital adequacy. [Read More]
A BRITISH resident living in Finland who backed Brexit strongly rejected fears he would be deported because Britain are cutting ties with Brussels. [Read More]
Just more than a month ago, Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall thrived at the International Skiing Federation Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland. [Read More]
* Huntsman identifies improving business conditions in first quarter 2017; provides restart time-line for Pori, Finland pigment facility... [Read More]
Shia Labeouf, Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkko are expected at an art exhibition in Finland. Will they bring their livestream project with them? [Read More]
The baby boxes that Finland gives to all new mothers are legendary. Now states in the U.S. are experimenting with them as a way to... [Read More]
Forbes announced today the launch of Forbes Finland, its first international edition in Nordic countries, in partnership with SK Media Finland (SKF). The Finnish-language monthly... [Read More]
Hedge fund investors are supposed to be the smart guys—too rich and sophisticated to need the protections that Wall Street's regulators try to offer the average investor. But... [Read More]
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