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If you knew someone was going to die, would you try and save them? Chiller Films has debuted the official trailer for a horror film... [Read More]
How does it feel to be alone? I've taken everyone you love. This time you won't forget me. Meet another Jedi in this new fan-made... [Read More]
When hate divides, hope remains. Samuel Goldwyn Films has revealed the first trailer for the film titled Gook, which is a derogatory slang word in... [Read More]
We see kids run off like this every day... Gunpowder & Sky have debuted another official trailer for an Australian horror-thriller titled Hounds of Love. [Read More]
You know who you are. And always remember... so do I. Well, that's a rather creepy slogan. Netflix has launched an impressive and interesting new... [Read More]
"If that prosecution goes through, that bank is going to go out of business." PBS has released another new official trailer for the latest documentary... [Read More]
"I'm sorry. Your racing days are coming to an end..." Disney & Pixar have unveiled the new official trailer for Cars 3, the next sequel... [Read More]
"What are you doing?" "I gotta go steal back some drugs for these gang guy so I can get my dog back." RLJ Entertainment has... [Read More]
"She has a rare beauty..." The Weinstein Company has unveiled another new trailer for the romantic drama Tulip Fever, which has been delayed from release... [Read More]
"I hope you're ready for what comes next..." 20th Century Fox has finally released the first trailer for the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, once... [Read More]
"Can an officer have a loyalty to anything greater than his country?" A24 has unveiled a trailer for a WWII romantic thriller titled The Exception,... [Read More]
"Try acting like a hero, Winston, and then maybe people will believe that you are one." Cohen Media Group has debuted a new US trailer... [Read More]
"The most mysterious man in Gotham City wasn't in a mask and cape." Hulu has released an official trailer for a documentary titled Batman &... [Read More]
we'll see if it holds up this time. Back in 2013 we also posted an announcement ... [Read More]
It's difficult to say which is sharper in Ben Wheatley's latest film, Free Fire: the bullets being fired by the nefarious characters found within or... [Read More]
"I'm not doing too well, mum." Another outstanding short film to watch. Sometimes it's the moments you least expect when you are suddenly forced to... [Read More]
"Music is the one thing that we all understand, that we don't understand." Gravitas Ventures has revealed a trailer for a documentary about the work... [Read More]
"A vision of pure magic." How many of you have ever seen this film? If you haven't, maybe now is a good time to get... [Read More]
"You will see the safe delivery of our holiest relic to Rome. Go with God." RLJ Entertainment has debuted a trailer for an indie action... [Read More]
"C'est moi!" Another teaser for the Cannes Film Festival! Kicking off the 70th edition of the festival this May is this film, Ismael's Ghost (or... [Read More]
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