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Wife Of Florida Governor Rick Scott Has $350,000 Stolen From Her By Online Scammers... [Read More]
More relief is on the way for Florida's Gulf Coast, as Governor Rick Scott announced Tuesday an additional $4 million in grant funding for local... [Read More]
For a second day in a row, Florida's governor was met by protesters as he rallied with supporters in his bid for Senate. [Read More]
Effective October 1, any Floridian in possession of a bump fire stock or similar accessory commits a third degree felony thanks to the capitulation of Governor Rick Scott and the... [Read More]
After a short pursuit, WINK News was able to catch up with Governor Rick Scott in Fort Myers and ask him a few questions about... [Read More]
Governor Rick Scott made his last stop in Orlando on his statewide 'Make Washington Work' bus tour. The Governor laid out his plan to serve... [Read More]
Governor Rick Scott announced on Tuesday the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is providing an additional $4 million in grant funding to help local communities... [Read More]
Mr Scott is in a statistical tie with his opponent Senator Bill Nelson as the midterm elections approach this November... [Read More]
Florida Governor Rick Scott has become the latest prominent Republican in America to be booed out of a restaurant. Mr Scott encountered the protesters during... [Read More]
Florida Gov. Rick Scott, best known for impersonating a childhood nightmare and trying to have the term "climate change" struck from government correspondence during his... [Read More]
Florida Governor Rick Scott is running scared as the natives become more and more restless over his disastrous environmental policies that are ravaging our beautiful... [Read More]
Frustration over red tides reaches a boiling point in Venice, as protestors confronted Governor Rick Scott over environmental policies they say are making it worse. [Read More]
Politics collided with red tide today in Venice, where Governor Rick Scott came face-to-face with protesters who say he isn't doing enough to fix the... [Read More]
On Monday, Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) was booted out of Mojos Real Cuban restaurant by protesters, reported the Herald Tribune. Scott, who is running for... [Read More]
Incoming Senate President Bill Galvano stands by his decision to keep funds in the so-called Guardian program. This comes after Governor Rick Scott asked... [Read More]
Florida Governor Rick Scott lasted about 10 minutes at a restaurant this morning before crowds eventually booed him out the back door. Scott, who is... [Read More]
Dozens of protesters greeted Governor Rick Scott on Monday when he made a campaign stop in Venice. [Read More]
Governor Rick Scott is expected to make a campaign stop in Venice as he continues his bid for U.S. Senate. [Read More]
Governor Rick Scott's decision to start the process of appointing new Florida Supreme Court justices has ignited a looming constitutional crisis.  At the... [Read More]
Florida Governor Rick Scott is appealing a judges order that he turn over three months of his detailed schedule, and now he's been hit with... [Read More]