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Natalie Portman took a flamethrower to the patriarchy. George Clooney admonished what he called the Trump administration's culture of fear. Emma Gonzalez implored people to... [Read More]
After Trump told the New Yorker in a weird interview that his administration has no chaos within it whatsoever, he was contradicted by Melania Trump,... [Read More]
For a third straight day, President Donald Trump leveled stern public criticism at the Federal Reserve, directly blaming a recent drop in the stock markets... [Read More]
Woodward will speak about the best-seller, which last month became the latest tell-all book to rock the Trump administration, on Monday night. [Read More]
NJ attorney general says Trump administration exempted Florida from offshore oil drilling after its governor met with federal officials. [Read More]
The Trump administration announced that those immigrants getting public assistance, might face some issues if they seek citizenship or residence. …... [Read More]
The Trump administration has still not explained why Florida is exempted from drilling, and New Jersey is tired of waiting for answers. [Read More]
Hurricane Michael grows to a Category 4 overnight. It is forecast to be the strongest ever to hit the Florida Panhandle. Also, U.N. Ambassador Nikki... [Read More]
The Trump administration is opposing a draft plan hammered out by Chicago and the state of Illinois for far-reaching reforms of Chicago police under federal... [Read More]
Nikki Haley, who has been the face of the Trump administration's strong stances in support of Israel, has resigned as ambassador to the United Nations. [Read More]
The number of refugees entering the U.S. falls to historic lows because of tighter scrutiny that Trump administration officials say is necessary for security. [Read More]
Local Temporary Protected Status recipients are reacting to a judge's ruling that blocks the Trump administration from ending their protected status in... [Read More]
Marleine Bastien, Executive Director, Family Action Movement Network (FAMN) discusses a federal judge's preliminary injunction against the Trump administration's termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS)... [Read More]
Advocates for hundreds of thousands of Haitian and Central American immigrants facing deportation from the United States said a California federal judge's decision to temporarily... [Read More]
As Sudanese immigrants listened, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen grilled a Trump administration lawyer arguing that hundreds of immigrants who were granted Temporary Protected Status... [Read More]
Some immigrants in South Florida, and many more across the county, are breathing a temporary sigh of relief. [Read More]
In response to a U.N. court order that the U.S. lift sanctions on Iran, the Trump administration said Wednesday it was terminating a decades-old treaty... [Read More]