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Eddie Lampert says his deal for Sears will save 50,000 jobs…or maybe 45,000…or maybe 40,000. Whatever the number it's hard to make the math work... [Read More]
Because of the risk associated with entrepreneurship, it is easy to assume entrepreneurial success requires a specific type of person. But is it possible to... [Read More]
China has been rising in the global economy, but not in the ranks of global organizations like IMF, still dominated by US and Japan. [Read More]
For the time being FCA's Ram is enjoying attention as having the most torque among heavy-duty pickups, which means it can haul and tow massive... [Read More]
Most job seekers have too much experience in one area and not enough in another. Rather than worry about being dismissed as too experienced, focus... [Read More]
AMD was the best performing stock in the S&P 500 for 2018 with an almost 69% gain. Tony Mitchell first bought AMD in October 2014... [Read More]
Google gets a slap on the wrist in France for lack of transparency and not explaining to consumers how it uses personal data. [Read More]
When Gavin Creel met Sara Bareilles sparks flew. They are continuing their connection in the hit musical Waitress. [Read More]
Stock market history reveals that after stocks drop by 20%, they continue to fall if the economy falls into recession. Otherwise, such a decline is... [Read More]
The Transportation Security Administration blames the absences on the fact that "many employees are reporting that they are not able to report to work due... [Read More]
Tulsa will receive major funding for a public art project to commemorate its historic Greenwood neighborhood, home to "Black Wall Street." [Read More]
Subhah Agarwal started doing standup at age 16, but now 12 years later, this powerhouse has a comedic voice all her own and is pushing... [Read More]
Here's where and how to kill Ranged Ice Fiends and Golden Brutes for the Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 3. [Read More]
Leadership lessons from the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a grateful nation remembers him on his birthday. [Read More]
UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov names the three fights he wants before retiring as the greatest of all time. [Read More]
MLK day is a good time to think about affirmative action and how it relates to the question of white privilege. [Read More]
2019 has much to live up to to match 2018's tempo. The following three trends will play an important role in influencing market developments and... [Read More]
A sunken 747 will be the headliner of the 100,000 25 acre project... [Read More]
The actress of TNT's new drama, I Am the Night talks about her experience working with Patty Jenkins, her love of Old Hollywood, and more. [Read More]
Forbes named him "China's most charitable man." Learn more about the entrepreneur behind The Yidan Prize-the largest financial award in the history of education. Laureates... [Read More]