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Friday, August 10, 2018 at 02:39 PM
Fortnite's Summer Skirmish enters into week 5 this afternoon. Read on for rules, roster, prizes, live-stream and start times. [Read More]
Having to answer work emails off-hours is linked to stress, poorer health, and poorer relationships. [Read More]
"The Marijuana Show" is a refreshing look at the business of cannabis, and the entrepreneurs that make it go. [Read More]
"When it comes to branding, don't overthink it," says branding expert Yali Saar. Branding is about creating a positive image for the company in the... [Read More]
A planet's habitability can also be curtailed by conditions totally beyond a given solar system's realm. In extremely dense globular clusters of stars, a... [Read More]
Time to get your nerd on, Internet sleuths... [Read More]
UNICEF President and CEO Caryl M. Stern visited the U.S.-Mexico border to learn more about the extreme hardships faced by families migrating from Central America. [Read More]
You're an innovative thinker and want to climb the proverbial ladder. At your current job, you point out unusual trends that could represent significant... [Read More]
With the launch of its Innovation Summit this month, Red Bull is among the rising number of corporate companies investing in entrepreneurship. [Read More]
Ocean's 8 showcases 3D printing for rapid prototyping of objects - but is it really possible to print fake diamonds? Perhaps not quite yet... [Read More]
Over the past week or so, a pizza empire saw a downturn, a sandwich giant announced it will initiate improvements, and a smoothie brand... [Read More]
Yesterday, Tribune Media announced the termination of its proposed $3.9-billion merger sale to Sinclair Broadcast Group. Tribune also filed of a $1 billion breach-of-contract lawsuit... [Read More]
There's a barrage of data and opinions on the markets, but what actually helps to predict future performance and what is it telling us for... [Read More]
The Seattle Mariners, seeking their first pennant, have demoted struggling starter Felix Hernandez to the bullpen for the first time in his career. [Read More]
The 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' closed beta opens up to Xbox One and PC this weekend, and we talked with Treyarch a bit... [Read More]
Home Depot (NYSE:HD) is scheduled to report its second quarter results on August 14, wherein a substantial rise in both revenues and earnings is expected.... [Read More]
We are in a bubble now and that bubble is the Nasdaq. The top could be tomorrow or at 15,000. Here's some ideas to play... [Read More]
How do brands become part of our culture? This question was originally answered on Quora by Peter Grossman. [Read More]
What are the most effective methods indie game developers use to market their games? This question was originally answered on Quora by Freeman Fan. [Read More]
Women are stressed out about their finances & lack the support from their employer to navigate their goals. New research illustrates the need for employers... [Read More]