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Deodorant, perfume, soapy showers. Most humans make a big effort to smell good. But out in the wild, it can pay to reek. You... [Read More]
For many years, academic comedies have looked as fresh as an old tweed jacket. I'm not complaining. I owe my whole career to academic comedies.... [Read More]
Picture this: Near starvation, barely clothed, banged up with gashes and bruises, a handful of men in three wooden boats undertake a journey down the... [Read More]
When I was told there was a place in Angola that specialized in pizzas and pies, I was pretty sure I would like the place.... [Read More]
When World Wrestling Entertainment star Sasha Banks started watching wrestling as a child, her favorite wrestler was Eddie Guerrero, one of the most c ... [Read More]
If you're a millennial, chances are that at some point you've proudly displayed a poster of a famous artwork, perhaps in a metal frame from... [Read More]
For all the crises the world has to deal with, there's about to be one less: the Sharknado. An annual event for Syfy and... [Read More]
All-day fiesta at Headwaters Park ... [Read More]
Hispanic culture was on full display at Headwaters Park on Saturday for Fiesta Fort Wayne. The festival, while under a different name, has been... [Read More]
It's been nearly 13 years since I was diagnosed with mesothelioma. I lost my left lung and everything around it. I have chronic pain and... [Read More]
Dr. William Hedrick, who used to operate a string of pain clinics with thousands of patients throughout northeast Indiana, has for years been dogged b... [Read More]
I am a fan of old buildings, a fact I realized after noticing the majority of photos I took on a trip to Savannah, Georgia,... [Read More]
Each time Fort Wayne resident Jacqueline Carroll has seen a Red River Waste Solutions truck, it's been manned by only one person. ... [Read More]
After taking over an underperforming charter school, Horizon Christian Academy has worked to distinguish itself as a place for underprivileged student ... [Read More]
Crowds gathered as the historic steam locomotive No. 765 let out a whistle as it sat on the tracks during the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical... [Read More]
The Reedy River runs through downtown Greenville, South Carolina. But it wasn't until local leaders removed a four-lane road and replaced it with a... [Read More]
Horizon Christian Academy sits on 23 acres that was once a Catholic orphanage and is now owned by a company that has been scrutinized elsewhere... [Read More]
Gov. Eric Holcomb got a little help Saturday from the DeKalb County Special Olympics basketball team to inaugurate the court at t ... [Read More]
Hundreds of people gathered in Buenos Aires on Saturday to oppose the influence of religion on Argentine politics and ... [Read More]
The past 10 weeks have been a whirl for Ilhan Omar, who suddenly went from being famous for becoming the country's first Somali-Am ... [Read More]