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Starting today voters in Denver will be able to use Voatz's blockchain-based mobile app in an election, following West Virginia's lead. [Read More]
Denver is offering Voatz's blockchain-based mobile app to voters in its municipal election. Plus, Facebook passwords and Norsk ransomware. [Read More]
It's probably the most closely scrutinized scatter chart in world financial markets. [Read More]
The FTC warned dozens of Instagram influencers in 2017 that they weren't disclosing properly when a company was paying them. [Read More]
The special Sino Saturday edition of our popular newsletter for leaders, by Time Inc. international editor Clay Chandler. [Read More]
In case you're not attuned to the stars, Sanctuary Ventures Inc. wants to change that. [Read More]
The fantasy series by author George R.R. Martin is now available, for free, on all devices through the Libby app. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said he plans to nominate Stephen Moore for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. Moore is an outspoken Fed critic. [Read More]
The Library of Congress National Recording Registry adds Jay-Z's 'The Blueprint,' 'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond, other music recordings... [Read More]
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may add streaming, other partners to the Sunday Ticket to reflect the many ways people watch football games. [Read More]
The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and S&P 500 fell on the inverted yield curve and a 21-month low of the PMI Index. AMZN and... [Read More]
Robert Mueller delivered final report on Trump Russia probe to Attorney General William Barr, who said the report would be kept private. [Read More]
Pinterest filed a prospectus to go public Friday on the NYSE under the ticker "PINS". The social-media company may launch its IPO in April. [Read More]
Hill's Pet Nutrition announced its voluntarily recalling 8 different kinds of canned dog food for potentially toxic levels of Vitamin D. [Read More]
JetBlue sued after two pilots allegedly drugged 3 female crew members during Puerto Rico layover—one pilot then raped 2 "fantasy come true." [Read More]
Excessive consumption of soda made with high-fructose corn syrup may exacerbate cancerous tumor growth, says study of sweetener, cancer. [Read More]
Brainstorm Health Daily: March 22, 2019... [Read More]
GoFundMe is pledging to shut down any campaign on the site that promotes the spread of misinformation about vaccines. [Read More]
While Microsoft Clippy was revived, and killed off in the span of a day, the infamous paperclip mascot will live on in memes. [Read More]
While this year's flu season is less severe, more people are visiting their doctor for flu-like symptoms than usual for this time of year. [Read More]