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Gambia's new government has endorsed the "one China" policy and said it would not establish any official relations or contacts with Taiwan, continuing a policy... [Read More]
What's behind the latest wave of anti-foreigner violence in South Africa? Why is the World Bank giving Gambia millions of euros? Why are private newspapers... [Read More]
Gambia's new pro-Western government says former ruler Yahya Jammeh siphoned off tens of millions of dollars in public money. [Read More]
The World Bank's Vice President for Africa, Makhtar Diop, said on Saturday he had agreed to give Gambia $60 million in budget support after government... [Read More]
A GANG of asylum seekers from Gambia brawled with a group of Albanians at a refugee centre in Germany in the latest shocking violence to... [Read More]
Funds from a dollar bank account in the name of the Jammeh Foundation for Peace, a charity founded by Gambia's former president Yahya Jammeh, flowed... [Read More]
Authorities in Gambia have arrested the former head of the National Intelligence Agency, which has been accused of systemic human rights abuses while it was... [Read More]
Ministers say scale of looting by autocratic former leader Yahya Jammeh was much higher than originally thought... [Read More]
Today's look at the African press covers news from South Africa to Gambia to Zimbabwe. [Read More]
Spy chief Yankuba Badjie has been accused of overseeing kidnappings, arbitrary arrests, torture, killings and rape. [Read More]
When law enforcement officers rounded up a group of political demonstrators in The Gambia's capital, Banjul, in December 2016, most of those arrested were young... [Read More]
Gambia's police spokesman says the former director general of the National Intelligence Agency has been arrested. Foday Conta said Wednesday that police arrested Yankuba Badjie... [Read More]
Authorities in Gambia have detained the former head of the National Intelligence Agency, a body human rights groups say tortured and killed perceived opponents of... [Read More]
Gambia's finance minister accused the former government of misappropriating millions of dollars from the Treasury, leaving the economy "completely destroyed." [Read More]
Gambian police said they arrested 51 people in a former stronghold of ex-president Yahya Jammeh for harassing followers of new leader Adama Barrow, amid lingering... [Read More]
Fans of Sutton United FC in the Gambia say they will be cheering on their namesake against Arsenal. [Read More]
The Gambia's new president has begun his tenure by releasing all prisoners who were detained without a trial. [Read More]
Pensioner Sarjo Manneh celebrated more joyfully than most when former leader Yahya Jammeh agreed to leave Gambia in January.... [Read More]
after 22 years in power... [Read More]
Hundreds of millions of people in numerous countries have been sentenced to live in country-like prisons due the unwillingness to confront dictators and authoritarian regimes. [Read More]