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Mohammed Lamine Jammeh, also known as L-Boy, discusses this lucrative trade. [Read More]
The village chief of Badibu Saaba, in The Gambia, explains how most of the young men have left. But six months after electing a new... [Read More]
Mexico wins Confederations Cup match; brawl is a tie Mexico asserted its superiority in the second half against New Zealand to avoid embarrassment in... [Read More]
Meredith Waga Perez, the founder of Belle Fleur New York, a luxurious floral and fragrance lifestyle brand, is as unique as a Shenzhen Nongke Orchid:... [Read More]
Jekkah is a fashion brand made by tailors in The Gambia. [Read More]
Extortion, corruption and fear; violence, hunger and sometimes even death: for west African migrants dreaming of reaching Europe, the road to get there can be... [Read More]
Jaha Dukureh is featured in the documentary "Jaha's Promise." She got Gambia to outlaw the practice. But could she convince her father? [Read More]
Natick High students have been sending school supplies and equipment to fund the education of girls in Gambia. The girls were scheduled to meet Natick... [Read More]
Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) are now widely used for children around the world. Because of the high cost of the vaccine, donor organisations, such as... [Read More]
The introduction of PCV in The Gambia was associated with a moderate impact on the incidence of radiological pneumonia, a small reduction in cases of... [Read More]
West African troops have extended their military mission in Gambia by one year after entering the country in January to force out longtime ruler Yahya... [Read More]
It is an African country whose name will always be tinged with tragedy — but which is also known as a fabulous destination for wildlife... [Read More]
They're coming from 18 countries, including South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Gambia and the United Kingdom.And the hope is that they will... [Read More]
Regional integration , democracy and political process , and peacekeeping are among the areas , which the Commissioner mentioned as the key achievements of the... [Read More]
Villagers in the Gambia are accusing a Chinese company of polluting a local wildlife reserve. According to local media and environmentalists, a Chinese fish meal... [Read More]
We appreciate Andrew Green's timely World Report (Feb 18, p 684)1 on The Gambia. At this crucial moment, The Gambia and west Africa face serious... [Read More]
Gambian officials are holding talks with Chinese and Norwegian investors on infrastructure projects to drive economic growth in the West African nation after decades of... [Read More]
Even the beach wasn't safe from the sleaze. Walking along Gambia's powdery shores I had soon found myself fending off three forceful young ladies who... [Read More]
For decades, The Gambia has built a reputation as a haven for tourists willing to pay for sun, sand, sea... and sex. But its tourism... [Read More]
A Gambian court has ordered the seizing of some $50 million in assets of former president Yahya Jammeh over a corruption case. [Read More]