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We knew that the next entry in Final Fantasy's all-star brawler Dissidia series would be coming to PS4, and a possible Amazon mishap clued us... [Read More]
"Infowars" host Alex Jones was reportedly attacked Thursday by a man with boiling hot coffee in the streets of Seattle, Washington. Jones was in the... [Read More]
In memoriam: The 3DO, CD-i, N-Gage... and Wii U? [Read More]
President Donald Trump just announced he is elevating U.S. Cyber Command to a full combat command, which means more military resources will go towards... [Read More]
Even though Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have only been dating for a few months, some people are curious about just how serious their relationship is.... [Read More]
Feel like you need a little more celebrity endorsement with your Xbox love? Microsoft has a new mixer show for that. [Read More]
Grinding Gears Games\' action role-playing game Path of Exile will arrive on Xbox One soon. [Read More]
The latest episode of Telltale Games' Marvel series puts a spotlight on Gamora and Nebula's relationship, while Star-Lord has to make a crucial decision. [Read More]
A prologue will be available at no cost, and it includes two missions split across four stages, multiple characters, and complete access to single and... [Read More]
Games are very good at satisfying fantasy violence and elaborate, gory executions are commonplace. These animations are partly there to shock and illicit that wincing... [Read More]
2014 Steam hit Spintires is coming to consoles. Spintires: Mudrunner, due in October for PS4, Xbox One and PC, upgrades the original off-road driving simulator's... [Read More]
The action game hits Western shelves in March... [Read More]
The game releases August 22. [Read More]
The racing game features over 180 automobiles. [Read More]
Xbox One X will land at retail in November, and if you live in the UK, the only place in the region to try it... [Read More]
The Onion, America's Finest News Source. [Read More]
How far does a game have to fall before a company makes some sort of major decision to set things to rights When do exploits,... [Read More]
"Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards reportedly cheated on wife Mackenzie Standifer by using the hookup app Tinder. The report came courtesy of Radar Online... [Read More]
Xbox fans in the UK looking to get some hands-on time with the Xbox One X ahead of launch will want to check out EGX... [Read More]