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GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP—Clare McLaughlin concentrated as she maneuvered a joystick so her flying game character mimicked her movements on a computer screen and collected gold coins... [Read More]
Titan Quest is coming to all current-gen consoles. For those who missed the chance to play Titan Quest back in the day on PC, because... [Read More]
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Overwatch's Winter Wonderland 2017 even has finally started, which means the Legendary skins have all been revealed. All of the Winter... [Read More]
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has been charging forward relentlessly since launchand will now be heading into it's third active year. Big... [Read More]
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been out for some time nowand has been happily received by critics and fans alike. Soon there will be more to... [Read More]
Pokemon Go added Generation 3 creatures recently, which has excited fans around the world. However, the revelation of which monsters are hidden... [Read More]
Turns out the big winter update for Splatoon 2 wasn't all we'd be seeing for the game for the rest of the year. Nintendo just... [Read More]
Build a Bear Workshop, the stuffed animal company with a core gimmick of customers choosing and stuffing their own toys, has launched a new line... [Read More]
Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft's latest Tom Clancy-branded shooter, is running a special event from December 14 to "early"... [Read More]
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis is finally available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after months of waiting. The add-on allows players to experience a... [Read More]
We go through the final trial from Zelda: The Champions' Ballad. [Read More]
Lean more about the Gruff Barbarosa, Loyal Ignace, and Inquisitive Vivian in the new trailer. [Read More]
InXile founder Brian Fargo announced the news on Twitter, sharing a picture of the Director's Cut menu on a Switch console. [Read More]
Xbox Live Gold members can go hands-on with Injustice 2 for free this weekend. [Read More]