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The United States has no detailed record of President Donald Trump's five face-to-face interactions with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the past two years, The... [Read More]
From CTV News Channel: George Washington University's Donald Clarke discusses the Canadian man who received a death sentence in China. [Read More]
MEDIA CONTACTS:Timothy Pierce:, 202-994-5647Jason Shevrin:, 202-994-5631WASHINGTON (Jan. 14, 2019)—Researchers at the George Washington University have taken a major step toward reaching one of... [Read More]
Leo P. Ribuffo, a scholar of American political history who specialized in examining the rise of the far right, arguing that mainstream historians had underestimated... [Read More]
Guest post by Michael LaChance at American Lookout Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University is not a conservative. Yet even he is pointing out... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's handling of Hurricane Maria has been criticized by nearly everyone, except Trump himself, who said his team "did a fantastic job." Critics... [Read More]
George Washington University's Matthew Dallek discusses the history of national emergency declarations as President Trump considers that designation in…... [Read More]
The high intake of vitamins and minerals keeps inflammation low, experts led by George Washington University School of Medicine said in a review of current... [Read More]
Last week, Bernanke's first (of four) lecture at George Washington University was entirely dedicated to attempting to discredit gold and all that sound money... [Read More]
The No. 5 ranked Stanford women's squash team (3-2) competed yesterday afternoon against the No. 14 George Washington University. Each... [Read More]
Grassroots is a term that comes up a lot these days in reference to political campaigns, but do candidates and constituents know what it actually... [Read More]
Cook encourages the George Washington University Class of 2015 to change the world. [Read More]
In the spring of 2017, undergraduate resident assistants employed by George Washington University were extended the right to organize into a labor union by the... [Read More]
Ruth Bader Ginsburg denounced what "a highly partisan show" the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings had become when she described to law students at George Washington University... [Read More]
Puerto Rico got short shrift during and after Hurricane Maria a year ago, and federal policy continues to make things difficult for island residents, panelists... [Read More]
The United States' deadliest hurricanes have killed most of their victims with powerful winds and flooding in the hours and days immediately before and after... [Read More]
Gov. Ricardo Rossello joins Morning Joe to discuss Puerto Rico one year after Hurricane Maria, including the George Washington University report on the death toll... [Read More]
To address China's growing soft power influence on student groups at colleges around the country, universities must understand the context of the situation fully before... [Read More]
The George Washington University (GW) is a proud participant in the #YouAreWelcomeHereScholarship program. Starting in fall 2019, GW will offer two annual, renewable scholarships that cover... [Read More]
The American Association of University Professors on Tuesday condemned what it called President Trump's "disregard for and assault on science," this time in relation to... [Read More]