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NASA has pulled astronaut Eric Boe, who was scheduled as a crew member for the first manned test flight of Boeing's Boeing CST-100 Starliner crew... [Read More]
In an incident similar to ones which shut down the UK's Gatwick Airport before Christmas last month and another at Heathrow in early January, New... [Read More]
Pretty much half the news media is backpedaling from their coverage of footage of white Covington Catholic High School students in MAGA hats taunting and... [Read More]
A new dimension has opened for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It's entering the world of limited-edition art. [Read More]
We all know how Captain Kirk's five-year mission starts, but did you ever want to learn how it ends? IDW Publishing will soon be telling... [Read More]
Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's regular column all about the latest in tabletop and roleplaying game news—focusing on sci-fi and fantasy stuff, of course.... [Read More]
The odd orbital arrangements of objects beyond Neptune have led scientists to speculate about the existence of a so-called Planet Nine—a hypothetical large planet in... [Read More]
A case against Yelp that could have had sweeping influence on the way U.S. citizens use the internet will not be heard by the Supreme... [Read More]
One of the most egregious myths about automation is that it is a faceless and elemental force of nature that we puny humans are capable... [Read More]
"Poor Yellow. Her impurities absorb all the blue in her light. She's so strong, but so weak when it comes to Blue. Oh, and Blue.... [Read More]
The European Union has spent the last year working on a controversial overhaul of its copyright laws and was scheduled to finalize the proposal on... [Read More]
This year marks 20 years of Eric Powell's beloved, pulpy supernatural comic series, about the titular Goon protecting the world from threats of the ghostly,... [Read More]
There are plenty of people who are exceptional in one way or another. But a new review published this week suggests that even the poop... [Read More]
A bird's-eye view can completely change your perspective on things. And I mean that literally. [Read More]
Author, screenwriter, producer, and director Michael Crichton would have left an incredible legacy even if the only sci-fi works associated with him were Jurassic Park... [Read More]
After years of being battered by hurricanes, wildfires, and heat waves coupled with a climate denier-in-chief, it seems Americans might finally be coming around to... [Read More]
After Oscar nominations come out, it's easy to get lost in them. The snubs, the surprises, what's in, what's out...there's a lot to digest. Because... [Read More]
A team of scientists is warning that the double whammy of a naturally recurring weather pattern and rising temperatures is triggering dramatic melting on the... [Read More]
Arizona state Senator Gail Griffin, a Republican, has introduced a new bill that would force computer and phone retailers to install porn-blocking software, which could... [Read More]
A number of U.S. departments that work overseas have been dealing with a serious problem since Donald Trump took office: lack of direction on climate... [Read More]