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The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on Chechen police in Russia's Northern Caucasus. [Read More]
Turkish-U.S. cooperation continues to deepen in Syria, despite a crisis in bilateral relations.  According to the Turkish military, the two NATO allies are about to... [Read More]
A US service member was killed and several other troops injured when their helicopter crashed during anti-jihadi operations in Iraq, officials said Monday. The crash... [Read More]
U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria through offensive operations and precision airstrikes, Combined Joint Task Force... [Read More]
Armed assailants injured several policemen in attacks in three locations in the Russian republic of Chechnya on Monday, as the Islamic State group claimed responsibility.... [Read More]
Nadia Murad, who was captured by Islamic State militants in 2014, finds love with a fellow activist. [Read More]
US forces will stay in Iraq "as long as needed" to help stabilize regions previously controlled by Islamic State, a spokesman for the US-led international... [Read More]
A Yazidi teenager who fled from Islamic State slavery in Iraq, only to come face to face with her former captor in Germany, told RT... [Read More]
German federal prosecutors say they're taking seriously a Yazidi woman's claim that she ran into her former Islamic State captor in Germany, but say they... [Read More]
US-backed forces have repelled a raid by the Islamic State group targeting barracks housing American and French troops in eastern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for... [Read More]
Islamic State managed to regain access to Syrian oil fields and make profits from selling oil, a new UN report reveals. While the UN did... [Read More]
Her father and grandfather gained fame in the pool. Now, 12-year-old Rama Omar hopes to do the same -- a bold move in Mosul, a... [Read More]
State Department says decision was made after other members of global coalition against the Islamic State made contributions and pledges of about $300 million to... [Read More]
Hafeez Nawaz was 20 years old when he left his religious school in southern Karachi to join the Islamic State group in Afghanistan. Three years... [Read More]
German authorities say they're looking into a Yazidi woman's claim that, after arriving in Germany, she ran into a man who bought her as a... [Read More]
Air strikes on a holdout of the Islamic State group in Syria near the Iraqi border have killed 18 jihadists, including a senior Iraqi commander,... [Read More]
The United States said Friday it is suspending $230 million budgeted for stabilization projects in Syria, citing the aid pledged by other partners in the... [Read More]
A young Yazidi woman who fled to Germany but returned home to northern Iraq says she cannot escape her Islamic State group captor who held... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia said on Friday that it has contributed $100 million to northeast Syria for "stabilization projects" in areas once held by the Islamic State... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia on Friday announced a $100 million contribution to a US-backed campaign to "stabilise" northeastern Syria, once a bastion of the radical Islamic State... [Read More]