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Successful sales is a numbers game, while at the same time, a people business. In order to be highly effective in sales and business development... [Read More]
If you're like the majority of Americans, probably not enough to retire comfortably.In actuality the figures of how much people have squirreled away for their... [Read More]
Grass Valley Police DepartmentThursday9:22 a.m. — A caller from the 200 block of South Auburn Street reported a former financial officer of an organization cleaned... [Read More]
First off, this will probably never see the printing because I think that it will offend some.With all that being said, and the actions of... [Read More]
Marc Cuniberti's columns (July 2) belong on the political opinion page, not the business news page. To be sure, the flow of government monies (a... [Read More]
Bring the owl back.No questions asked.That's the message that Nate Overstreet wants to convey to the thief who made off with the chainsaw-carved owl sign... [Read More]
A judge's ruling that Deputy Jason Mackey made misleading and false statements in a search warrant could follow him throughout his career, a prosecutor said.That's... [Read More]
The trial of Layla Callahan and David Munoz, accused of robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment over a drug debt, has been postponed until early September.The... [Read More]
Shoppers will find a host of delights in downtown Grass Valley through the weekend as the town celebrates its annual Indoor Sidewalk sale. The sale... [Read More]
Most everyone in Nevada County wants a Bright Fiber future.It looks like we'll get it, just not how we thought.Bright Fiber — the local company... [Read More]
Nevada Irrigation District is updating its Raw Water Master Plan to identify a vision and develop alternatives to meet the community's water needs for the... [Read More]
You've already heard the recent story: Amazon's voice-activated Echo device secretly recorded a couple's private conversations and then sent recordings to a random person. That's... [Read More]
A man accused of fleeing from police, charging a patrol car with his vehicle and then running from authorities remained in jail Thursday without bond,... [Read More]
Grass Valley Police DepartmentWednesday7:28 a.m. — A caller from the 900 block of Idaho-Maryland Road reported a burglary in progress was interrupted. It appeared to... [Read More]
Two men accused of murder in the death of veteran Stan Norman are next scheduled for court on Aug. 16.Sean Bryant, 51, and Michael McCauley,... [Read More]
Calls to "build more housing" join recent false and misleading narratives such as "crime is out of control" and "we need higher taxes for police,... [Read More]
Wow, I think The Union really did a disservice in the reporting, or lack thereof, of the Rally for Families at the Brunswick Basin on... [Read More]
It is terribly interesting that two people who do not live in Lake Wildwood have written letters to The Union criticizing our board's decision to... [Read More]
The Saturday "Families Belong Together" event was a remarkable demonstration of over 300 Nevada County residents from all walks of life protesting the unconscionable and... [Read More]
With the dog days of summer fast approaching, adolescents around Nevada County have settled into a familiar routine. Many choose to fill their days by... [Read More]