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Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman can't decide who the postseason belongs to when every remaining team has won a game... [Read More]
I am trying to determine which party will receive my vote in the mid-term election. Perhaps in future letters you can help me. [Read More]
On Oct. 10, I read an opinion piece in the Green Valley News titled, "Politics for sale." The upshot was to vote Democrat. The only... [Read More]
This election cycle, Southern Arizona voters have a unique opportunity to elect a candidate for statewide office who has spent the majority of my adult... [Read More]
Arizona Proposition 305, the expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), will be on the ballot this November. The future of Arizona public education depends on... [Read More]
Our reason is not that we are "on the take" from Pima County, as Mr. John Backer implies ("Prop. 463 not the best way to... [Read More]
Occasionally there seems to be some mystery to gardening. Following are some of the recent questions asked by new and part-time residents. Perhaps the information... [Read More]
Second of two parts... [Read More]
Steel drums, believed to be the only non-electric, acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century, will delight an audience interested in seeing and hearing... [Read More]
First, there was Old Man Taylor. Then there was Gin Gin Montgomery, Leon and Mac Tire. Scary Terry quickly followed. The Old Man Gang is... [Read More]
The GVR Fiscal Affairs Committee will decide Tuesday whether to send next year's budget to the board for final approval. [Read More]
The Thursday thing (Kavanaugh and such) got me to thinking, so I pulled down my 1949 high school yearbook (at 86, why do I still... [Read More]
Cameras outside the International Space Station capture views of Hurricane Michael at 12:58 p.m. EDT Oct. 10 from an altitude of 255 miles as the... [Read More]
In the last few months my husband and I have made a few trips to our Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital. I would be remiss... [Read More]
R. Neumann complains that state House candidate Anthony Sizer is upfront with his religion, asking "have we not learned from history?"("Wrong message," Oct. 7), that... [Read More]
A U.S. Border Patrol agent who admitted to starting the 47,000-acre Sawmill Fire in April 2017 was formally sentenced to five years of probation Tuesday... [Read More]
Dr. Christine Ford couldn't hold a candle to the woman who slandered me in Tucson back in 2004. Her act, full of pathos, was more... [Read More]
Sexual assault, usually a hushed topic, now finds itself at the forefront of the news and innumerable conversations. And the men in positions of power... [Read More]
Now that cooler temperatures are here, you may want to remodel your "second living room" in the backyard. While the rest of the United States... [Read More]
Democrats are supported by some very rich men. Republicans are bought by some very rich men. [Read More]