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Federal authorities say a Southlake couple forced a young Guinea girl to work in their home for more than 16 years without paying her or... [Read More]
A Southlake couple is charged with forced, unpaid labor of a domestic servant after allegedly keeping a young, West African girl in their home for... [Read More]
"THIS port is for the Togolese," says Sherif Tchedre, a mechanic standing among containers that line the shorefront in Lomé, Togo's capital. "But it is... [Read More]
Meet our pet of the week, a fluffy Peruvian Guinea Pig named Hurley! He's around four months old and has a nice personality. He loves... [Read More]
As recently as a century ago, the people of New Guinea were carving daggers from the thighbones of cassowaries, flightless, dinosaur-like birds. [Read More]
Daggers made of human bone were regularly used in mortal combat in New Guinea, and now scientists find these weapons were specially engineered for strength... [Read More]
If human bone daggers are even stronger than bird bone daggers, why are there so few of them? [Read More]
If you lived in New Guinea 100 years ago, that is. [Read More]
Nearly a century ago, daggers made of human bones, particularly the femur or the thigh bone, were widely used by people living on the Pacific... [Read More]
New Guinea warriors harvested thigh bones from their dead fathers to fashion into ornamental but deadly daggers used to kill and maim enemies, sometimes to... [Read More]
The Zimbabwe Football Association says one of its referees has reported being offered a bribe of $10,000 to fix a Confederation Cup game in Equatorial... [Read More]
The 8-year-old Bronx boy tragically killed by a family friend attempting to park Monday was a relative of 1999 police shooting victim Amadou Diallo, his... [Read More]
Vincent Bolloré is questioned by police near Paris over contracts to run ports in Guinea and Togo. [Read More]
French billionaire Vincent Bollore, who last week stepped down as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of media conglomerate Vivendi, has been detained by French police... [Read More]
Billionaire French tycoon Vincent Bollore was detained Tuesday near Paris on suspicion of corruption over his group's acquisition of rights to operate ports in West... [Read More]
U.S. energy major Exxon Mobil has offered a liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo from its recently restarted Papua New Guinea plant for delivery into the... [Read More]
Researchers Monday voiced renewed hope of discovering why Australia's first submarine sank, after a detailed underwater survey of the long-lost wreck off Papua New Guinea... [Read More]
INFORUM MOORHEAD—Paul Fuglestad is compelled to tell others about the 12-year-old boy he knows who walks through the jungle, two hours each way to and... [Read More]
Good news from federal agencies can feel like a rarity these days, but this dispatch from the Environmental Protection Agency is an excellent reminder that... [Read More]
Abbott and Costello were surrendered to the shelter because their owner could no longer care for them. They are adult guinea pigs who would like... [Read More]