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Prince Alwaleed, whose net worth has been estimated by Forbes magazine at $17 billion 'offered a certain figure but it doesn't meet the figure required... [Read More]
The foundational texts of violent racism, from Mein Kampf to the Turner Diaries, can justly be accused of having blood on their pages. But if... [Read More]
Prime minister's visit to India marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries... [Read More]
As Netanyahu arrives to seal the cracks in the two countries' burgeoning relations, here's a closer look at the vibrant Jewish communities both in India... [Read More]
The court found insufficient evidence linking Lebanese-Canadian professor Hassan Diab to the terrorist attack, which killed four... [Read More]
The alert, sent to mobile phones and aired on television and radio shortly after 8 a.m., was issued amid high international tensions over North Korea's... [Read More]
The most cutting part of the parody was without doubt the depiction of 'Morning Joe' co-hosts and real-life couple Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough... [Read More]
More details soon... [Read More]
Fellow adult film star Alana Evans confirms the 2006 affair between the U.S. president and Daniels, but says she declined the invitation... [Read More]
With eye on recent events, military intel warn of potential war ■ Abbas may have backed himself into a corner ■ Gaza threat looms over... [Read More]
Netanyahu leading a delegation of some 130 Israeli businesspeople to mark 25th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations... [Read More]
'We have not encountered a tunnel like that before,' military spokesman says... [Read More]
Army says the tunnel, which passed under Kerem Shalom border crossing and extended into Egyptian territory, was designed to smuggle weapons and militants for attacks... [Read More]
Without the support of the Defense Ministry, which can't find the budget to implement the necessary solutions, the plan will very likely not be approved... [Read More]
Netanyahu's very clear philosophy melds a neoliberal socioeconomic outlook with a security strategy that's not far from the foundations laid down by the Labor Party's... [Read More]
The bill, which would make Ariel University in the West Bank a de facto part of the State of Israel, is a guaranteed formula for... [Read More]
An Oprah candidacy would be another example of the Western world's obsession with a culture of celebrity and ratings over expertise and experience... [Read More]
Masa programs have been frozen due to a disagreement between its partners: the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency... [Read More]
Representatives of the organization in the region cautioned Israel against trampling children's rights, calling on it to act responsibly with Palestinian minors as 'the occupying... [Read More]
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks out against public responses over his son, Yair's latest scandal involving an audio recording of him outside strip clubs with... [Read More]