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the heart of Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood... [Read More]
Although the students at Lovin Elementary school are young, their hearts are grown. Having sent over 40 boxes of books and school supplies to their... [Read More]
Those of us born in the U.S. take our freedom for granted, but what if you are not a native of America? [Read More]
Watch must-see video highlights from FOX 10 Phoenix's newscasts and web exclusives. [Read More]
Adrien Stephen has his dream job. He got it when he moved from Haiti to Miami 25 years ago -- but even before that, he... [Read More]
The University of Maryland School of Public Health held its Fall 2017 graduation ceremony at 9 a.m. on December 20 for undergraduate, masters and doctoral... [Read More]
There are roughly 156,000 Haitians living in New York City. [Read More]
Oxfam launched investigations into nearly 30 cases of misconduct reported after the Haiti scandal broke in February... [Read More]
If you haven't tried Stone Cliff Winery's Wild Pineapple Wine yet, you might want to consider it — even if you don't like wine. [Read More]
Frontenac High School Foundation of Technology students walked in front of a panel "Shark Tank"-style and presented a robot which is to serve as a... [Read More]
A protest against former Haitian President Michel Martelly failed to deter fans Friday night who streamed into a free concert at the Little Haiti Cultural... [Read More]
Today, we're packing up our family of five to leave Haiti for the United States for five weeks. Not only do we have a 9-year-old,... [Read More]
HAITI—Volunteers with a 25 member "Eye Surgery Team" from Fargo-Moorhead, certainly had their work cut out for them, when traveling to the impoverished island of... [Read More]
A lot of people include "world travel" as an item on a bucket list.There's a good chance Haiti is not on the "must go to"... [Read More]
As a contribution to Haitian Culture Month, an unveiling of Little Haiti's newest tourist attraction took place at a Caribbean Marketplace May 12. The Little... [Read More]
Earlier this year Emilia Clarke offered up the chance to watch "Game of Thrones" with her as an auction item for charity. Brad Pitt offered... [Read More]
People dressed in red and blue gathered at the Heritage Wall Haitian Flag Day on Friday morning. May 18 marks the day when Haiti became... [Read More]
Q: Did the late surgeon Dean Lorich expose "Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti"? A: No. Lorich co-authored an article criticizing the medical response to... [Read More]
For the 10th year, local dentists and doctors traveled in March to a mission in Haiti to provide free dental and medical care to patients. [Read More]
Three days before their marriage, Yaisah Val of Haiti revealed to her fiance that she was transgender and had completed reassignment surgery -- no small... [Read More]
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