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Downtown Calexico was overrun with superheroes, villains, princesses and knights as residents of the city came together for the fifth annual Halloween Carnival on Thursday... [Read More]
17-year-old Nija Johnson pleaded guilty totwo counts of second-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder... [Read More]
A teenager has pleaded guilty to fatally shooting two young women and wounding five other people during a Halloween party last year. [Read More]
A man who fired shots from his handgun into the air during the Halloween Block Party in downtown Athens in October 2014 has received an... [Read More]
A Dayton-area man accused of firing a gun in uptown Athens during the Halloween block party of 2014 has pleaded guilty in Athens County Common... [Read More]
People were saying that I was "disgusting and should die" or that I "deserved all of this." [Read More]
Soldier Geraint Evan Jones bit off a man's ear while dressed as Colonel Gaddafi on a night out in Aberystwyth, Wales... [Read More]
Akron's Halloween Charity Ball has been raising money for local groups for 14 years, but the founders aren't interested in becoming a nonprofit. Instead, all... [Read More]
Horror fans were given a bit of pause last week, when it was announced that Danny McBride would be co-writing the new Halloween movie. After... [Read More]
Local auburn news. Latest Current News. Breaking News, Local newspaper's online edition with news, classifieds, and editorials. [Read More]
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but a Boys and Girls club in is celebrating in a more Halloween-type fashion. [Read More]
Turns out the new Halloween film won't be a straight-up remake after all. It's going to take place after the first two, keeping the story... [Read More]
Despite the duo's comedy background, McBride assures fans that "nobody will be laughing." [Read More]
David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are reviving the 'Halloween' horror franchise with a co-sign from creator John Carpenter. [Read More]
Compass International Pictures Though horror fans were bummed to hear earlier this week that plans to revive the "Friday the 13th" franchise have been scrapped... [Read More]
The master of horror, John Carpenter, is teaming up with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride to bring Halloween back to the big screen. [Read More]
Legendary director John Carpenter says Danny McBride and David Gordon Green blew him away with their vision for the horror classic. [Read More]
David Gordon Green has come on board to direct "Halloween" for Miramax with an Oct. 19, 2018, release date. [Read More]
In a truly unexpected turn of events, Deadline reports that Halloween creator John Carpenter has given Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green and his comedy... [Read More]
Michael Myers is coming back and he'll do so with a little Eastbound and Down flair. Master of horror John Carpenter just revealed that Danny... [Read More]