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Last month, Deacon Steven D. Greydanus was welcomed as a member of the New York Film Critics Circle. [Read More]
U.S. bishops' conference marks 100 years at fall assembly. [Read More]
How are so many conversions taking place in oppressive countries where proselytizing can bring a death sentence? [Read More]
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God intended for His Church to guide individuals in their study of the Bible. [Read More]
Spain is a country of religious contradiction... [Read More]
FILM: DC Comics' biggest heroes are together on the big screen at last, but the woes that have dogged this franchise haven't been iro... [Read More]
A student-centered academic community committed to the pursuit of truth and common good and devoted to excellence in teaching and learning. [Read More]
A Catholic university providing undergraduate and graduate degrees in a vibrantly Catholic environment, guided by the example and teachin... [Read More]
"Our Catholic identity is very strong and we are committed to providing an affordable education to educate young men and women while fo... [Read More]
Impacting culture for Christ through media, business and theology. [Read More]
A nonprofit Catholic university committed to the service of truth since 1808. [Read More]
An online institute that draws Christians worldwide into deeper union with Christ, under the patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. [Read More]
The consultative processes for the upcoming synod is providing the Church a frank snapshot of its relationship with Catholic young adults. [Read More]
A national postal survey showed support for redefining marriage, so a bill recognizing same-sex unions as marriages will be introduced. [Read More]
Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of All Christians, pray for us to be steadily united as brethren of Christ your Son! [Read More]
COMMENTARY: A modification in response to pastoral failure within the Latin rite would be a brand-new step. [Read More]
Bishop Gregory Mansour explained Catholic Relief Services is part of a collaborative Catholic network supporting the Middle East Church i... [Read More]
Once again, the University of Notre Dame has surrendered to the prevailing culture. [Read More]