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Harvard President Faust makes the case for college to high school students in Cincinnati, speaks at alumni gathering. [Read More]
OpenScholar will become a startup to expand University's versatile web-publishing platform to next level. [Read More]
A father struggles to understand the terrible course of his son's heroin addiction and the loss of a child who eventually died from an accidental... [Read More]
Harvard University's Tuition Assistance Program celebrates 40 years of offering lifelong learning. [Read More]
An interview with Professors Tommie Shelby and Brandon Terry, co-editors of "To Shape a New World, Essays on the Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King... [Read More]
A new study suggests that efforts to restore coral reefs have a positive impact on fish populations, both short- and long-term. [Read More]
Teddy Roosevelt boxed. Neil deGrasse Tyson wrestled. For generations, Harvard students have turned to physical activity for a break from study. [Read More]
When preparing for your next business negotiation, you may want to strategize not only about what you'll put on the bargaining table, but also how... [Read More]
*NEW* Are you thinking about becoming a web design/IT/Digital media freelancer? Come join us as Jen Kramer, Harvard Extension lecturer and veteran freelancer, covers topics... [Read More]
*NEW* Will G. Foussier, a 2016 graduate from the Harvard Extension School's ALM in the field of Finance degree program, is the Co-founder and CEO... [Read More]
Student launches startup to help people understand dream content... [Read More]
Though vineyards might be able to counteract some effects of climate change by planting lesser-known grape varieties, scientists and vintners need a better understanding of... [Read More]
Assistant Professor of Government Ryan Enos talks about his new book, "The Space Between Us," in which he explores the influence of geography in politics... [Read More]
The 2017 Annual Report of the Corporation Committee on Shareholder Responsibility has been released. [Read More]
Using her training as a first responder, Harvard anthropologist Ieva Jusionyte offers a front-line perspective on the tensions at the border between Mexico and the... [Read More]
Rediet Abebe, Jon M. Kleinberg, and David C. Parkes. 2017. "Fair Division via Social Comparison." In Proc. 16th Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems... [Read More]
Benjamin Lubin, Adam I. Juda, Ruggiero Cavallo, Sebastien Lahaie, Jeffrey Shneidman, and David C. Parkes. 2017. "ICE: An Expressive Iterative Combinatorial Exchange.." In Handbook of... [Read More]
Christos Dimitrakakis, David C. Parkes, Goran Radanovic, and Paul Tylkin. 2017. "Multi-View Decision Processes: The Helper-AI Problem." In Proc. 30th Advances in Neural Information Processing... [Read More]
Paul Duetting, Zhe Feng, Harikrishna Narasimhan, and David C. Parkes. 2017. "Optimal Economic Design through Deep Learning." In Proc. of the NPS Workshop on "Learning... [Read More]
Is Copyright's Muddled "Conceptual Separability" Doctrine Coming to Patent Law? Posted on January 8th, 2018 by Tim Armstrong In... [Read More]
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