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...Review of Special Funds, Revolving Funds, Trust Funds, and Trust Accounts of the Department of Taxation.... [Read More]
The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to weigh in on a California law that forces pro-life pregnancy care centers to provide free advertising for the... [Read More]
...Despite her crucial role in Puerto Rico recovery, Jaresko was apparently unaware of the Jones Act or its effects on the Commonwealth.... [Read More]
November 15, 2017 Ethics Commission meeting.... [Read More]
...Proposed Legislation for 2018 Legislative Session.... [Read More]
..."We disagree with DHRD. The statutory requirements that DHRD report to the Legislature are unambiguous and do not exempt these trust funds.&qu... [Read More]
Republican Tax Cut Plan Would Give $3174 to Average Hawaii Household Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted November 13, 2017 What... [Read More]
... The Ninth Circuit on Monday partly granted an emergency motion by the Trump administration and lifted a preliminary stay on most aspects of Presid... [Read More]
...The increase in family incomes is the result of both the income tax cuts and the broader rise in productivity and wages due to economic... [Read More]
Confirmation Senate: Engel Nomination - Confirmation Senate: Wehrum Nomination - Confirmation H... [Read More]
Three doctors, specializing in pediatrics, biology, and psychiatry, are criticizing what they say is the reliance on feelings over facts .... [Read More]
Island Air: Did the Airports Division bamboozle Fitch Ratings? Department of Taxation Customer Service – Don't' Be a Victim Hawa... [Read More]
...Approximately 300 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients live in Hawaii.... [Read More]
...Kidney failure, blood clots, cardiac arrest, inflammation of the pancreas, leaking intestines.... [Read More]
"I object to the use of the word 'customer.' It certainly doesn't feel like that type of relationship to me. Maybe 'host... [Read More]
"The Airports Division expects near-term traffic results will be better than projected due to Island Air expanding interisland traffic...."... [Read More]
Queen Sues: Feds Took Our Crown Lands Counties stuck with bailing out pension debt November is National Adoption Month ... [Read More]
...The Institute for Justice finds Hawaii to be 'most burdensome' in USA due to the large number of professions requiring licensure.&... [Read More]
...the state Legislature has discovered a new tactic for meeting its public pension financial obligations: passing the costs on to the counties.... [Read More]
...after she was deposed, and after Hawaii became a U.S. territory, the former queen sued the United States in what was then the U.S. Claims... [Read More]
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