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Hawaii 39% of Homeowners are 'Equity Rich' Applications Being Accepted for Maui County Boards and Commissions Nine New Democrats Elected t... [Read More]
...While Crawford has said he is one of 130 Tiyan landowners deprived of property, Highsmith estimates that 3,000 former landowners are in a similar p... [Read More]
...As global honeybee population increases, activists blame neonicotinoid pesticides for 'bird-pocalypse' that's not happening.... [Read More]
...House Speaker Scott K. Saiki and the House Majority Democrats are pleased to welcome nine newly elected Representatives to the 2019 Legislature....... [Read More]
...second only to California.... [Read More]
...Positions are appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the County Council and have terms lasting two to five years.... [Read More]
Hawaii rank goes up, but not its economic freedom How to Build More Housing in Hawaii Caldwell: No Limebike Treatment for... [Read More]
...The Economic Freedom of North America 2018 outlines Hawaii's statistical paradox.... [Read More]
...Unlike Limebike, Ride Sharee hired local insider Alex Wong. That makes all the difference. It is amusing to watch them try to explain... [Read More]
Telescope: OHA Greenmail Overplays its Hand? Honolulu VA has Lowest Job Vacancy Rate in USA Hawaii 3rd Skinniest State ... [Read More] some well-intentioned regulations have had a chilling effect on efforts to build more homes.... [Read More]
..."Fat" is becoming the new normal in America.... [Read More]
...political cronies haven't figured out how to grab a cut of your kid's PhD salary.... [Read More]
a Full Day of Events at the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial Honolulu VA Touts Few Improvements Oh? Can't We Keep HAR... [Read More]
...Honolulu VA Medical Center Among Worst 30% -- again.... [Read More]
...Honolulu VA has the jobs filled--but its still not getting the job done.... [Read More]
...For a long time, I was wondering what the authors of 07-001 were smoking.... [Read More]
...and found one special fund did not meet criteria and should be closed.... [Read More]
Hawaii Supreme Court Affirms TMT Permit 4-1 -Dissenting Opinion Published House Republicans Select Gene Ward as Leader Bad News has a... [Read More]
...TMT will move forward with fulfilling the numerous conditions and requirements of the state CDUP prior to the start of any construction.... [Read More]