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...The term "hate crime" comes up six times in the report but the phrase "child molestation" never appears.... [Read More]
...Americans initiating heroin use dropped by around half from 2016 to 2017. The number of Americans misusing opioids also dropped for the second year... [Read More]
Secret Report Ties Hawaii Youth Suicide Rate to HSTA Grab for HGEA Positions 'Education Tax' -- $21K per House Financial... [Read More]
...Please keep putting this Senator Hir-Oh-NO-she-didn't-just-say-that-yes-she-did on TV every single day from now until the midterms.... [Read More]
...sometimes you just have to laugh.... [Read More]
...coral bleaching hysteria can bring federal law down on you.... [Read More]
...the state continues to hide $4.2 billion of its retiree health care debt.... [Read More]
...A proposed state "surcharge" on "investment real property" to fund public education could result in county property taxes s... [Read More]
...Qualified homeowners still have time to apply for a real property tax credit offered by the City and County of Honolulu.... [Read More]
...The Board of Water Supply will have the ability to waive the water systems facilities charges and new meter cost for qualified on-site affordable a... [Read More]
...During the meetings participants will engage in a "game" that sparks discussion about the best way to transition O'ahu to a clean... [Read More]
Senator Hirono Didn't Always Tell Men to 'Shut Up' and Believe Accusers Maunakea Administrative Rules Public Meetings No way new... [Read More] provide input on the proposed draft of the administrative rules that will govern public and commercial activities on UH-managed lands on Maunake... [Read More]
"...Behavioral Specialists described an alarming frequency of significantly dangerous behaviors exhibited by a number of students, including suic... [Read More]
...advocates of the so-called education tax have been strangely quiet about how much it will be.... [Read More]
...With one statewide district, Hawaii ranks 51st for 'opportunity and competition'.... [Read More]
...Weekly Update from September 23, 2018.... [Read More]
Say It's a Tax! Hawaii GOP: Our Ticket is United Video: Hirono Left Twisting in Wind as Blasey-Ford 'Witnesses' Refuse to... [Read More]
...Hirono: Kavanaugh Doesn't Get Presumption of Innocence Because of His 'Ideological Agenda'.... [Read More]
...Hawaii Republicans launched their ticket's general election campaign Friday during a dinner also attended by gubernatorial running mates Andria... [Read More]
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