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Opioid drug overdoses in Lehigh County surged in 2016. [Read More]
[...] why are they considering removing it now? Because of a dangerous trend where the loudest voices, no matter how irrational or bullying, drown out reason and sound science. Here are... [Read More]
These unfiltered, completely candid opinions will clue you in. (But we still think you should err on the side of fit than flabby.) [Read More]
The ninth annual Father Daughter Dinner Dance, sponsored by Pueblo Youth Project, is scheduled from 6 to 10 p.m Feb. 11 at the Creative Arts... [Read More]
St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center's spiritual care department will offer a 12-week grief, loss and life transition support session aiding individuals in understanding and coping with... [Read More]
Cardiac arrest and heart attack are often used interchangeably, but are not the same thing. Although both are life-threatening, one is much more severe and requires immediate attention for survival. See if you... [Read More]
Also, another GOP lawmaker is confronted by constituents over ObamaCare. [Read More]
Last year six-year-old Hayley was photographed with a solitary eyelash as she battled cancer. [Read More]
You know it, we know it. Nothing goes better with steak than a baked potato. We've been warning you for years, though, that white potatoes are extremely high on the glycemic index, which... [Read More]
In its update of ethics rules aimed at protecting patients, the Obama administration decided against a provision that scientists said would hinder research. Consumer advocates aren't happy. [Read More]
In a new study, depression was deemed just as important as the classic "big five" risk factors for heart disease. ... [Read More]
A high stress environment increases the risk of lung, colon, rectal and stomach cancer - along with non-Hodgkin lymphoma that develops in the vessels and glands... [Read More]
A new study at Brigham and Women's Hospital shows exercise, even limited amounts, can improve survival rates in people with advanced colorectal cancer. [Read More]
Eating red hot chili peppers just might help you live longer! That's according to a new study from the University of Vermont. [Read More]
Ever wish you had a crystal ball into the germs and illnesses that are lurking at your child's school? [Read More]
In 2014, Nina Saria learned that her kidneys were failing due to an autoimmune disease        ... [Read More]
The final FDA guidelines on the fish pregnant women should and should not eat were released. Fish low in mercury, like salmon and tilapia, were advised and high mercury fish, like shark, were... [Read More]
The Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency have jointly released new advice about how much and which fish are safe to eat. [Read More]
Ever wish you had a crystal ball into the germs and illnesses that are lurking at your child's school? [Read More]
If you need some extra motivation to exercise, Reebok wants to help, with a different kind of app. [Read More]
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