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To name, Pruitt as the nation's top environmental steward is preposterous. [Read More]
In a December 60 Minutes interview, House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke of the need for regulatory refor... [Read More]
But Sen. Ron Wyden defended the president. [Read More]
Trump's Commerce pick admits to unknowingly hiring undocumented worker: President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Commerce secretary on Wednesday admitted to unknowingly employing a possible undoc... [Read More]
Also, another GOP lawmaker is confronted by constituents over ObamaCare. [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton urged supporters of her mother's presidential bid to keep fighting for their beliefs in a new interview with Refinery ... [Read More]
Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Health and Human Services Department may have violated long-standing House ethics rules. [Read More]
Dozens of House Democrats are skipping President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, but not a single Democratic senator has so far joined them. [Read More]
undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children... [Read More]
The Secret Service told the news outlet that the incident occurred at 1:45 p.m. [Read More]
Chelsea Manning was no Snowden, no Assange, but she was suffering. ... [Read More]
President Obama sought to reassure supporters that the nation — and perhaps his own legacy — will survive Donald Trump's presidency at a press conference less than 48 hours before he leaves the... [Read More]
Democrats don't have the votes to stop Scott Pruitt's confirmation, but they signaled at his hearing Wednesday that they will seek to damage him politically as much as possible. [Read More]
PRUITT IN THE HOT SEAT: Scott Pruitt, President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), faced more than six hours of questioning Wednesday at a confirmati... [Read More]
Poroshenko said that U.S. can "be great again" if it leads on global security. [Read More]
"Looking forward to a speedy recovery for George and Barbara Bush," Trump tweets. [Read More]
Also, feds file suit against Oracle and Trump says he doesn't have all the facts on AT&T-Time Warner. [Read More]
"Tom Price is a mand of tremendous integrity," he said. [Read More]
Democrats have pushed for prosecution of the police officer. [Read More]
Cuomo discussed several issues with President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday. [Read More]
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