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Students of St Hugh's College in Oxford have voted to remove Suu Kyi's name from its junior common room because her response to the Rohingya... [Read More]
Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said the world can't just stand idly by and be witness to the atrocities that are being reported in Myanmar. [Read More]
The latest Rohingya refugee crisis sparked by violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state is a major security concern and India should take more initiatives to find... [Read More]
New Delhi should use its influence to quietly engage Suu Kyi and the generals to enable the return of some refugees from Bangladesh and the... [Read More]
Suu Kyi's initiative will be launched on Sunday. [Read More]
The European Union plans to protest the "disproportionate use of force" against the Rohingya minority and may even consider sanctions if there is no improvement... [Read More]
Rohingya Muslims are still fleeing, more than six weeks after Rohingya insurgents attacked security forces in western Myanmar's Rakhine state. [Read More]
UN agencies have appealed for $434 million to help more than 800,000 Rohingya refugees, most of them children, for six months. [Read More]
Mark Field, in an exclusive interview to HT, says Brexit will bring more good news for Indian businesses. [Read More]
The US has called on countries to suspend providing weapons to Myanmar even as more Rohingya refugees poured into Bangladesh, taking the total number to... [Read More]
The central European country currently holds presidency of the United Nations General Assembly... [Read More]
From the Rohingya crisis in Myanamr and Bangladesh to the devastation caused by Hurricane to escalating tensions between US and North Korea, photos of the... [Read More]
U S President Donald Trump is urging the U.N. Security Council to take "strong and swift action" to bring Myanmar's Rohingya crisis to an end... [Read More]
Nearly 500 are sheltered in a cleared-out chicken farm in a Hindu hamlet in Bangladesh's southeast, a couple of miles from where most of the... [Read More]
Britain's training programme for the Myanmar military started in 2013 and focused on language training, accountability, human rights and international law. [Read More]
India and Myanmar have a decades-old free movement regime (FMR) that allows ethnic communities living on either side of the border to travel 16km across... [Read More]
Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi broke her silence on the Rohingya crisis on Tuesday, in a speech aimed at appeasing an international community... [Read More]
The 72nd UN General Assembly convened September 12 with key events kicking off September 18. All eyes will be on Donald trump, Emmanuel Macron, North... [Read More]
Analysts say Myanmar's Suu Kyi must walk a treacherous line between global opinion and Islamaphobic anti-Rohingya views at home, where the military has curdled hatred... [Read More]
Hundreds of Muslim Rohingya have been killed and thousands driven out of Myanmar into Bangladesh. [Read More]