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His most memorable buildings include the striking Pointe-à-Callière Museum and unconventional HEC Montreal... [Read More]
Every home owner, regardless of his or her neighborhood, should consider security lighting. A well-lit property can be a major deterrent to potential burglars, and... [Read More]
Shiny gloss finishes are dated and look plastic. [Read More]
Christmas lights can be a royal pain. [Read More]
The Marketplace @ Teaberry started as an antique store in 2005, and since then has evolved with the changing trends into a premier shopping destination... [Read More]
When the chilly air sets in, locals retreat to their cozy abodes to sip on pumpkin spice lattes and relax. That doesn't mean you can't... [Read More]
As the days get shorter, folks like to brighten up their home with bouquets of colorful cut flowers. But for most kamaaina, flowering plants are... [Read More]
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I bought some purple fountain grass at a sale this summer for about a dollar. It is lovely, but the tag says "will not survive... [Read More]
About 10 years ago, I asked my friend Lisa if she would do something huge for me. Could we feature her home in my book... [Read More]
Diseases, insects, drought and age take a toll on windbreaks, resulting in the need for renovation or tree replacement. Late fall is a good time... [Read More]