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Inside a Salvadaron prison Francisco Lopez teaches fellow ex-gang members how to make paper figurines, as part of a program designed to reinsert them into... [Read More]
La víctima era maestro de escuela primaria y un líder de la comunidad Tolupan que dirigía proyectos de obras comunitarias. Según el grupo Global... [Read More]
Honduran authorities say an indigenous community leader has been shot dead by armed men who barged into his home. [Read More]
Stockton Police, Woodland Police and the Placer County Sheriff's Department all responded to rumors about immigration raids in the region. The police agencies all reassured... [Read More]
A man wanted for an armed robbery and home invasion in Georgia was arrested in New Hanover County A spokesperson with the U.S. Marshals Service... [Read More]
An immigrant with no criminal record protected by an Obama order said the feds wanted to put him on a flight to Honduras. He's free... [Read More]
An indigenous leader in Honduras was killed Friday by five armed men who burst into his home, fellow activists and officials said. The murder of... [Read More]
Josue Romero, a 19-year-old from Honduras who had received a work permit under former President Obama's deferred action program for young undocumented immigrants, was released... [Read More]
I have a confession to make: I've always hated how my Mercedes-AMG GT R was confined to solid ground only. There are so many new... [Read More]
Lillian Mejia moved to Falls Church from Honduras 15 years ago. In all that time she has never felt like this."I'm feeling sad and so... [Read More]
Author Douglas Preston describes seeing a lost city hidden in Honduras... [Read More]
Two undocumented immigrants from Honduras were indicted Thursday on multiple charges of sexually assaulting a girl in Morristown beginning when she was eight years old... [Read More]
A San Antonio Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient was accused of breaking the law and was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement... [Read More]
Josue Romero, a 19-year-old student and an undocumented immigrant brought to the US as a child, was arrested on Wednesday and transferred to Immigration and... [Read More]
Vilma Castro fulfilled her dream of a better life 18 years ago when she immigrated to the United States from Honduras. She wanted to the... [Read More]
Kelly, quién previamente estuvo a cargo del Comando Sur estadounidense que planifica operaciones y cooperación en materia de seguridad para Centroamérica, Sudamérica y el Caribe,... [Read More]
As the Trump administration moves to step up deportations, immigrant rights groups are organizing a resistance. "No papers, no fear" is the message at... [Read More]
A Honduran citizen was sentenced Monday to 87 months in prison for reentering the United States and illegally possessing firearms. Hector Alexander Cruz, 37,... [Read More]
The Terrebonne School District is moving ahead with plans to move grade levels from one local school to another.Under the plan, ninth grade would be... [Read More]
It took four times for a Villanova student to sneak into the US. He had to come to the United States to escape certain death... [Read More]