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I well remember my first visit to Hungary during the communist era: a sad round of state-controlled wine farms, strangled high-yielding vineyards and grubby win... [Read More]
If a person is to be judged by his enemies, George Soros can feel proud. Autocrats across Eastern Europe, including his native Hungary, as well... [Read More]
Members of Hungary's National Investigation Bureau raided a Church of Scientology center in Budapest Wednesday. [Read More]
Soros, who lived in Nazi-occupied Hungary as a boy, is at the forefront of pushing back against totalitarianism and authoritarianism. [Read More]
ANALYSIS/OPINION: Budapest, Hungary at a glance: Start with coffee in Gerbeaud, the city's most famous café. Then ride the old preserved trolley line built... [Read More]
In the beginning of the 20th century, Miksa Róth's workshop was renowned for reviving glass and mosaic art in Hungary. An ongoing exhibition in Delhi... [Read More]
Paul Lendvai's biography of the Hungarian leader is sobering reading. [Read More]
Lyon's International Classic Film Market brought into focus the opportunities and challenges of heritage film in Greece, Hungary and Latvia on Wednesday, presenting stark differences... [Read More]
Lumière Focuses on Heritage Films in Greece, Hungary, Latvia... [Read More]
Romanian border police have taken into custody 28 migrants who are suspected of trying to cross into Hungary illegally. The border police agency said in... [Read More]
George Soros will use his organisation to "influence" Hungary's 2018 general election, claims a Hungarian member of parliament. [Read More]
Young adults from the Baltic states and Hungary toured Salt Lake City on Wednesday as part of an international internship program. [Read More]
Yad Vashem has spent a decade searching every possible archive in Hungary, adding the names of over 200,000 previously anonymous Jews murdered in the Holocaust... [Read More]
The premiere of Sarah Gancher's drama "Seder," about a Hungarian family coping with a difficult history and changing times, is at Hartford Stage through Nov.... [Read More]
Populism is on the rise: but to understand this phenomenon, we should first clearly conceptualize it and recognize that populism takes on different forms in... [Read More]
A Hungarian printer who helped Jews flee the Nazis during the Holocaust was honored with a plaque in Budapest. [Read More]
The leaders of Hungary and Turkey are creating a vacuum that their political rivals will inevitably fill. [Read More]
Hungary's foreign ministry says it has summoned the top United States diplomat in Hungary over comments he made about the country's "negative trends" for press... [Read More]
Hungarian police say they are carrying out a search at a Church of Scientology center in Budapest. Police said the search by members of the... [Read More]