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Let's call this Deer Day. The legislature's IFW Committee has scheduled hearings on 8 deer bills for 1 pm, March 2, in Room 206 in... [Read More]
While the deer hunting season runs from Aug. 15 to Jan. 1 in the Lowcountry, March is an important month for deer hunters statewide. [Read More]
If you've been thinking of introducing your kids to ice fishing -- or trying it yourself, for that matter -- this is your lucky weekend,... [Read More]
It's like a scene from the old Hitchcock thriller, "Birds," only instead of swarms of crows its flocks of geese. Canada geese are invading... [Read More]
U.S. District Court Judge Jon Levy has ruled against a lawsuit that sought to revoke the incidental take permits that protect trappers from prosecution under... [Read More]
Serving the Northeast Indiana Community... [Read More]
Morels are America's mushroom, more so than any other. It may be because they're widespread, they're easy to identify, and they come up in the... [Read More]
Nearly 1/3 of the legislature's 1900 bills have been drafted, and there are lots of outdoor issues on the agenda for hearings in the next... [Read More]
I often wonder what my children will remember about deer hunting as they grow older with families of their own. Will they recall with fondness... [Read More]
Q: I was curious about how many rounds of ammo can be in a magazine for deer hunting. Most bolt and semi-automatic rifles can hold... [Read More]
This photo tells a sorry tale of a Maine moose that somehow got stuck in a yellow birch and died, unable to loosen its leg.... [Read More]
You probably thought there was no real upside to your anxiety disorder or your irritable bowel or your ED, right? But, look, you can make... [Read More]
Photo by Ralph Smith The feather detail on commercial turkey decoys has become vastly more realistic in recent years. But do you know what looks... [Read More]
Strutting gobbler decoys are hot items now, and for good reason: They work. But they're also pricey and a pain to carry. A real gobbler... [Read More]
The Ohio Wildlife Council heard proposals for Ohio's 2017-2018 deer season dates and bag limits at Wednesday's meeting, according to the Ohio... [Read More]
As Tennessee's coyote population grows, so does the debate on what impact it will have on the state's future deer population. Nobody can dispute... [Read More]
Spring-like weather in the first week of February will continue today as the temperature will reach the low 60s amid rainy and breezy conditions. ... [Read More]
In recent years the TWRA has relied on the honor system for checking in big game kills. However, studies indicate that the honor system... [Read More]
Turkey bag limits and seasons are set in law, but that may change. My turkey bill, LD 98, was amended by the legislature's Inland Fisheries... [Read More]
So here's what the Maine moose hunt is really worth: between $12,952 and $14,501. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife auctions off ten moose... [Read More]