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Japan said Moscow has "big clout" with North Korea and asked Russia to cooperate. [Read More]
"Her death is a tragedy and it's gut-wrenching." [Read More]
Lately, Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Younes Bendjima have been more open about sharing glimpses of their relationship on social media. However, when the couple... [Read More]
"I swear, if you land, I will kill everybody on this f***ing plane," she shouted. [Read More]
Innovators, small business and you, the consumer, stand to lose without an open internet. [Read More]
A teacher and Christian pastor who faced discipline for accidentally misgendering a student is now suing the school, according to the BBC Monday. [Read More]
The culinary star was accused of sexual misconduct by at least four women. He did not deny the allegations. [Read More]
As the battle for music streaming supremacy heads up, Apple is quietly on track to completely phase out music downloads from the iTunes Store by... [Read More]
The president's former chief political strategist is an obvious next-up for the special counsel's witness list. [Read More]
The former president is coping with comedy. [Read More]
"The train has left the station for marijuana reform...the American public demands it," Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) told Newsweek. [Read More]
There was "a failure of imagination that's not dissimilar to the failure of imagination that we had for 9/11," the CIA's former deputy director Michael... [Read More]
A long-awaited analysis admits infrastructure and welfare programs will have to be reformed to pay for the Republican tax bill. [Read More]
The formula is made by a company that also distributes Sorrento cheese and owns organic yogurt company Stonyfield Farms. [Read More]
Politicians in Moscow took turns saluting Putin and Russia's troops, and blasted the U.S. for getting "no significant results" on the battlefield. [Read More]
Norway's Arctic coast is littered with microplastics. [Read More]
Multiple women accuse the celebrity chef of inappropriate touching and groping. [Read More]
NBA Hall of Famer said he knows what North Korea's Kim Jong Un wants and needs to speak to the president. [Read More]
Kesha and Macklemore are ready for something new, so they're going on tour together in 2018! The two artists made the announcement on Monday on... [Read More]
A Politico report says the president felt "resentful and angry" when aides spoke out against Moore, who's accused of preying on minor girls. [Read More]