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R&B singer Chris Brown discusses in detail his previous relationship with Rihanna in his upcoming documentary "Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life." [Read More]
Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars "selfie" among the most popular tweets of all-time. [Read More]
Donald Trump attacked the "far-left" during a Tuesday press conference regarding their actions at the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Trump likened President... [Read More]
While President Donald Trump has spoken poorly of entrepreneur and former reality television star Paris Hilton in the past, it doesn't appear she's interested in... [Read More]
The strange mixture of features in Chilesaurus has perplexed scientists since its discovery was announced in 2015. [Read More]
A group of major technology firms and lawyers submitted filings to the Supreme Court Tuesday that argue in favor of extending the legal protections of... [Read More]
Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies have signed on to an amicus filing arguing the fourth amendment should protect user data. [Read More]
Angry Birds developer Rovio released its quarterly financials Tuesday and the company's strong performance comes amid increasing speculation about a possible initial public offering for... [Read More]
Finnish studio Rovio, best known for the 'Angry Birds' series, may file an initial public offering. [Read More]
There are many people who don't believe in climate change -- starting with President Donald Trump and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott... [Read More]
A new study shows how climate change advocates should talk to those who don't believe in global warming. Hint: put the data graphs down. [Read More]
White supremacist and nationalist David Duke thanked President Donald Trump Tuesday for his comments about counter-protestors at last weekend's Charlottesville, Virginia, deadly rally, saying Trump... [Read More]
A single typo could cost a person quite a bit of money. Spammers created websites with domain names similar to those of financial institutions and... [Read More]
Spammers are parking on domains similar to popular banks and spreading malware to visitors. [Read More]
Russia and the Taliban Islamist militant group are both separately demanding that the U.S. leave Afghanistan after nearly 16 years of war. [Read More]
A global policy aimed at decreasing the number of ozone damaging chemicals reaching the ozone called the Montreal Protocol that was signed in 1987 was... [Read More]
The Montreal Protocol was signed decades ago to save the ozone layer, but it has actually slashed greenhouse gas emissions. [Read More]
NASA is on a mission to unlock the mysteries of the Venus atmosphere, sending a tiny satellite to Earth's inward neighbor to investigate its clouds. [Read More]
NASA is sending a nanosatellite to Venus because that planet's atmosphere is playing with light in a mysterious way and they want to figure out... [Read More]
President Donald Trump went back to blaming "both sides" for Saturday's violence in Charlottesville at a surreal press conference. [Read More]