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Learn how to model a split-core sensor for medium-voltage use cases, considering how the accuracy of the sensor depends on various geometrical parameters, the sensor... [Read More]
Ashutosh Dutta speaks about the IEEE Future Netowrks Initiative and how it we can enable 5G and beoynd. [Read More]
Michel Maharbiz, professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, presents his keynote talk at the 2018... [Read More]
By automating assessments of road conditions, RoadBotics could help cities save time and money... [Read More]
Christina Schober gives a presentation about "Councils: How IEEE Technical Activities Support Local Technical Communities" during a Studio Tech Talk at the 2017 Sections Congress... [Read More]
Ravendar Lal Bhojwani, Product Manager for Amazon Inc. and Region 6 Young Professionals Chair, encourages the audience to understand and engage with the Young Professionals... [Read More]
The introduction of virtual reality (VR)-models in the city planning process will cause changes in the traditional roles of the involved parties. In order... [Read More]
null... [Read More]
STEAM education is helping the next generation of tech workers explore their artistic side... [Read More]
Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos... [Read More]
With artificial intelligence and voice control, smart microwaves, cameras, and doorbells, could finally catch on... [Read More]
The implant restored leg movement in rats and could be scaled to fit humans... [Read More]
Learn about current trends in wearables and take a deep dive into breakthrough technology for emerging applications. [Read More]
Discover a select set of case studies showing how researchers and industrial partners are revolutionizing transportation. [Read More]
Governments' tactic of restricting Internet access increasing with potential unintentional consequences... [Read More]
Passerine's fixed-wing drones can take off (and land) using a pair of legs... [Read More]
Columbus is piloting a fleet of May Mobility's electric shuttles as part of a multimillion-dollar smart transportation initiative. [Read More]
The number of new wireless devices continues to escalate and the amount of data consumed continues to grow at an exponential rate... [Read More]
This paper presents a 32 GHz transformer-based Doherty power amplifier (PA) in a 28 nm bulk CMOS process. There are two techniques proposed: linearization by... [Read More]
In many common data analysis scenarios the data elements are logically grouped into sets. Venn and Euler style diagrams are a common visual representation... [Read More]
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