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This slightly horrifying video of a massive swarm of locusts was taken in Dagestan, Russia. Locusts are a huge problem for farmers (and drivers, apparently... [Read More]
10-year-old boy trips over and finds the remains of a 1.2 million-year-old fossil of an extinct stegomastodon. [Read More]
Scientists have found that cattle have an "insane" ability to rapidly produce antibodies to HIV, and could help in the production of a vaccine to... [Read More]
An Indian engineer has started a project to create artificial glaciers to combat climate change. It sounds crazy, but it's delivering results... [Read More]
The number of individual earthquakes in that swarm beneath Yellowstone are now reaching into the thousands. So what's causing them? [Read More]
A swimming robot that was sent into one of Fukushima's flooded reactors has returned its first images and footage, a key step towards locating nuclear... [Read More]
A new bill introduced to the House will see two major grants being used to fund schoolgirl-level computer science programs. [Read More]
A new report using local researchers on the ground in Central Africa has discovered the real numbers of creatures being hunted and trafficked is much... [Read More]
Abraham Lincoln's famous Bixby letter, offering condolences to a Civil War widow who lost her five sons, may not have been written by Lincoln. [Read More]
A cloth bag used by Neil Armstrong to collect Moon rocks was sold for $1.8 million, exactly 48 years after Apollo 11's module Eagle touched... [Read More]
The gif is stitched together from 13 images taken by Hubble over 22 minutes. Astronomers hadn't planned to capture Phobos too, it just happened to... [Read More]
Planet Earth lovers, rejoice! The BBC has uploaded 40 hours worth of extra footage to YouTube. [Read More]
Even birds that can fly across roads often fail to do so, particularly small birds confronted with multi-lane highways... [Read More]
The T. rex would not have been able to run at speed without breaking its legs, meaning a human would technically have been able to... [Read More]
Get ready space nerds: NASA is uploading hundreds of hours of rare archival footage. [Read More]
700 million Africans are currently without an electricity supply. Experts now think that instead of choosing coal, they'll go straight for renewables inste... [Read More]
A team of archaeologists say they may have found the tomb of Ankhesenamun, King Tut's bride. [Read More]
Trapped geologic methane is escaping into the atmosphere far more quickly than anyone expected, meaning that the rate of future climate change has likely b... [Read More]
Simply paying landowners to keep rainforests intact works moderately well and cheap for the benefits achieved. [Read More]
A fishing crew has caught a 5.5-meters (18 feet) giant squid off the coast of Kerry. Luck of the Irish, I suppose. [Read More]