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Iceland is drilling deep to tap into renewable energy, Digital Journal reports. [Read More]
Sub zero conditions are set to continue throughout the week whereas the lowest temperature in Iceland on Tuesday will be 2C... [Read More]
Iceland is digging world's deepest geothermal borehole into the heart of a volcano at a depth of 3.10 miles (5 km) to tap renewable energy. The extreme pressure and heat at... [Read More]
REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov It's a little before three on a sunny Friday afternoon and Laugardalur Park, near central Reykjavik, looks practically deserted. There's an occasional adult with a pushchair, but the park's... [Read More]
Olafia Kristinsdottir looked a bit worn down by the time we met at a Starbucks near SeaWorld. She had appeared live on Golf Channel's Morning Drive that day followed by a photo shoot... [Read More]
The whole idea of the flight across the Atlantic and the cruise that would bring us back across the Atlantic was the chance to see Iceland. [Read More]
Iceland's board of tourism is doing something right because the country has become a vacation hotspot in recent years. Apparently, even the flight up north can be a spectacular experience, as you might... [Read More]
Beyond outdoor exploits, Husafell offers a luxury hotel with a new wing of guest rooms that are ideal for family travel. [Read More]
A young woman vanishes in the Arctic night, elite police chase down a trawler at sea, and three sailors are jailed: Iceland, with one of the world's lowest crime rates, is fearing a... [Read More]
In the developed world, Iceland has gone from having one of the highest rates of illegal drug, alcohol, and cigarette use among youth to some of the lowest in a mere twenty years,... [Read More]
Spain downed rivals Slovenia 36-26 to ensure top spot in Group B at the world handball championships on Thursday as Iceland grabbed the last spot in the last 16.World champions in 2005 and... [Read More]
Under Iceland a monster is beginning to awaken. [Read More]
A new research article, with lead authors from the University of Gothenburg, gives indications of the best places in Iceland to build thermal power stations. [Read More]
One day I woke up with a strong feeling that it was time to set off into the unknown. I packed my stuff and together with M. we headed to an unearthly land... [Read More]
Teens in Iceland are a pretty clean-living bunch, especially when compared to their peers around the world. That wasn't always the case, but a clear shift has occurred over the last 20 years,... [Read More]
In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut in the past 20 years. Why won't other countries follow suit? [Read More]
Quicklink: Iceland Successful in Addressing Teen Substance Abuse - Quicklink: ​ In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut. In 1992, teens in every school in Iceland filled in a... [Read More]
Rates of smoking and drinking have plummeted, too. [Read More]
The genes that predispose people to attain higher levels of education have been in decline over the past 80 years, and researchers are suggesting that they're now under negative selection, which could have... [Read More]
​In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut. Why aren't other countries following its lead? [Read More]