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Junior Cole Weaver and sophomore Devin Skatzka helped IU to a 15th place team finish. [Read More]
The sophomore guard played in 40 games over the last two seasons for IU. [Read More]
Wisconsin defeats IU 71-61. [Read More]
Linder made 26 starts on the offensive line while at the University of Miami. [Read More]
The senior guard passed Denise Jackson as the program's all-time leader in points scored during the Hoosiers' 77-74 loss to Penn State on Wednesday. [Read More]
Tyra Buss became the IU women's basketball all-time leading scorer while the Hoosiers fell to Penn State 77-74. [Read More]
Sessions' actions fail to consider the desires of the nation... [Read More]
Pakistani security funding has produced lackluster results. [Read More]
Climate change puts cacao plants in jeopardy, but a solution may exist. [Read More]
A list of self-help books every student needs to read this New Year. [Read More]
Daniel Messel will request a change in venue Jan. 5 at the Monroe County Circuit Court. [Read More]
Trump's tweets trivialize a very real danger. [Read More]
Bloomington families struggled to find quality care for their children when the YCCF shut down. [Read More]
Notable features include a fabrication lab, a 160 seat auditorium and a student community center. [Read More]
IU Auditorium features six shows this season, each with a unique theme. [Read More]
The Tanner-Operman chair will be created in honor of Roy Sieber. [Read More]
The mural presents vivid images representing the Media School. [Read More]
"Skechbook" aims to exhibit smaller, affordable works. [Read More]
IU Coach Ramiro Azcui began as a top player in Bolivia and is now the head coach of IU women's tennis. [Read More]
Aaron Farrer was accused of sexual assault in 2015 by another IU student. He was expelled after IU's investigation. [Read More]