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Donald Trump is my president. He is not my enemy. But President Trump requires a watchdog. So does our society. [Read More]
Newspapers across the country united to denounce President Trump's attacks on the media, calling journalists the 'enemy of the people.'... [Read More]
President Trump's military parade is now estimated to cost $92 million. [Read More]
President Trump recently proposed a $1.5 trillion infrastructure program. It's generally a good idea, but infrastructure alone will not produce long-term inclusive growth. To achieve... [Read More]
Media outlets this week are all over a new Pew study that finds, the headlines promise, that President Trump's support is not quite as broad... [Read More]
Indiana's Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly met with President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Wednesday, the second Democrat to do so ahead of his confirmation... [Read More]
Indiana's Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly met with President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, Wednesday, the second Democrat to do so ahead of his... [Read More]
Senator Joe Donnelly recently met with President Trump's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the nations capitol. 44News spoke to Donnelly... [Read More]
The Official U.S. Senate website of Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana... [Read More]
President Trump and Omarosa Manigault-Newsman's feud continues amid "n-word" allegations. (Source: CNN/Getty Images/Pool/NBC/MSNBC/@realDonaldTrump) [Read More]
To the editor: This is in response to Donald Smith's frequently written letters right out of the liberal playbook. He must work for CNN, the... [Read More]
Conservatives are putting pressure on Democratic Incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly to quickly confirm President Trump's Supreme Court pick just days before his... [Read More]
Our family will save nearly $2,000 this year from Republican tax cuts passed by President Trump and our Congressman Jim Banks. Our take-home pay has... [Read More]
Joe Donnelly, incumbent senator running for re-election in Indiana, touted his effective lawmaking during a seven-day campaign trip around the state. "43 of Joe's legislative... [Read More]
I am calling on Rep. (Pete) Visclosky, Sen. (Todd) Young and Sen. (Joe) Donnelly to draft a resolution of censure against Donald Trump for his... [Read More]
For President Trump, this can't be much of a vacation. [Read More]
President Trump, for the lowest unemployment in 50 years, especially among minorities. - NFL players protesting violence and racial disparity. - Richard Harris for the... [Read More]
Watch Gary Varvel's time lapse video of President Trump's dilemma.        ... [Read More]
President Trump's media criticism sticks all too easily when the public doesn't get the difference between news and opinion.        ... [Read More]
President Trump said Friday that he told his administration to double steel and aluminum tariffs against Turkey, reflecting the rap ... [Read More]