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Several beautiful souls told me their New Year resolution was to begin loving themselves more with a plant based diet: to create health and happiness... [Read More]
For the month of January, the City of Indianapolis is highlighting University Heights! Located on the Southside of Indianapolis, University Heights was established in 1902... [Read More]
Careful Planning and System Investments Ensure Reliability Citizens Energy Group delivered a record amount of natural gas to its customers during the extraordinarily cold weather... [Read More]
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Top 10 films of 2017 As 2018 gets underway, let's take a quick look back at the films of 2017. Without a doubt the biggest... [Read More]
None is the Loneliest Number Is none singular or plural? If any mathletes out there are reading this, they would likely interject, "False! None is... [Read More]
The Kiwanis Club of Perry Township has inducted Kurt Hagenmaier into its membership. Inducting Hagenmaier was his sponsor, Director Steve Hadley, and President Les Branham.... [Read More]
Diana Hendricks spearheads Beech Grove Comprehensive Drug Coalition to reduce substance abuse across the city. Does Beech Grove really need a substance abuse program? The... [Read More]
Darkest Hour: Superb performance, terrific film Throughout history there have been men and women whose decisions have shaped our world. Typically, these individuals are faced... [Read More]
Top Ten recent complaints in Santa's toy shop by Torry Stiles 10. That Lucas guy keeps sending his lawyers over checking for bootleg Star Wars... [Read More]
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You'd expect someone as cultured as yours truly to have a hardline stance in the negative towards a phrase like "a-whole-nother." Today I'd like to... [Read More]
Brandon Landes co-founds Crash Beds to make mattresses more affordable and give back to the community Crash Beds is aiming to help Southside and other... [Read More]
Many stores will use a private code when using their paging system to avoid alarming customers. For example, "Mr. Hoover to... [Read More]
A periodical trip down memory lane     Reminiscence is a vehicle climbed into, putting on the seat-belt and settling in for the ride. It... [Read More]
You Got Daved Today's language lesson inspiration comes courtesy of my friend Dave. As a professional language nerd, I'm thrilled that fellow English major wannabes... [Read More]
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Southside businesses participate in American Express' annual Shop Small event It's the start of the shopping season. While many Southside residents shop larger, chain stores... [Read More]
Next Stop Beech Grove informs and educates community about planning study funded by OCRA grant What does Beech Grove Main Street actually need to spark... [Read More]
Longacre Swimming Pool    Back in the late 1960s, my mother and Aunt Janice would load the car with myself, brother, and three cousins for... [Read More]