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Golden Globe-winning host Sam Rockwell used his new stature to showcase his underappreciated talents in a number of sketches. [Read More]
James Cameron said "directors are historically pretty oblivious to the interpersonal stuff that's happening on their set." [Read More]
"We are firmly committed to LGBTQ inclusion," Katims and the show's other producers said. [Read More]
He calls the accusations "absolute lies." [Read More]
TCA: Couric said she didn't want to speak on the scandal until she was ready, and will have more to say later. [Read More]
It's his 20th film. [Read More]
He directed the first installment and has starred in all three. [Read More]
She's glad he's taking responsibility for his actions. [Read More]
Executives wouldn't confirm the controversial creator's future with the network. [Read More]
He received $1.5 million, while she was paid only $1,000. [Read More]
She says Joel Kramer raped her during the filming of "True Lies." [Read More]
He believes what's happening is "healthy" overall, though. [Read More]
Santa Barbara has become a must-attend on the road to the Oscars. [Read More]
Allen gave Hall one of her early American breakout roles in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." [Read More]
The "Harry Potter" actor's former collaborators are working with Depp even though Depp's ex-wife has accused him of domestic violence. [Read More]
The voice actor reiterated he believes it's not just his choice to make and that there might be an announcement on the show or in... [Read More]
"Do androids dream of electric sheep?" is too big of a question for this Amazon anthology series to tackle (save a few key exceptions). [Read More]
Wood plays a troubled woman ensnared by a teen girl in this directorial debut from Montreal-based duo the Sanchez brothers. [Read More]
After making history with her ASC theatrical nomination, will Morrison become the first female cinematographer nominated for an Oscar? [Read More]
"Foxy Brown" meets "John Wick" in a bargain bin action movie that will bore fans of either and frustrate fans of both. [Read More]