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College says it's eliminating programs such as math, physics and religion, in attempt to keep costs down. [Read More]
Students in a new Rutgers study indicate pay doesn't matter in selecting a major. [Read More]
Thanks to fund-raising prowess, NYU takes an ax to medical school tuition where others have used a scalpel. But medical school costs are clearly under... [Read More]
Duke opts to leave empty the spot in its chapel that formerly featured a statue of Robert E. Lee. The university hopes the vacant position... [Read More]
When word spread last month that John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John's Pizza, had used a racial slur, many colleges said that they would... [Read More]
The Education Department's Office for Civil Rights has opened an investigation into allegations against a late Ohio State University doctor accused of sexual assault. [Read More]
University of Idaho athletics director Rob Spear has been fired amid allegations his department mishandled complaints of sexual misconduct. The State Board of Education fired... [Read More]
Women, in academe and otherwise, shouldn't have to disavow their sexual selves in order to be treated with respect, writes Melissa Petro. [Read More]
The parents of a Louisiana State University fraternity pledge who died last year from a hazing-related alcohol overdose have sued the institution and representatives of... [Read More]
Three universities in Chile, Colombia and Mexico will make all of the open online courses they offer on the Coursera platform available to one another's... [Read More]
Today on the Academic Minute, part of Washington College Week, Jennie Carr, assistant professor of biology at Washington College, discusses her research on what determines... [Read More]
Scott McLemee explores the speculation that Donald Trump used a racial epithet through the lens of several scholarly analyses. [Read More]
In her new book, controversial former aide to President Trump offers views on education secretary and support for black colleges. [Read More]
The Teaching Company, Audible, and the new economics of educational content. [Read More]
Cutting off unions' fair share fees for collective bargaining reflects the desire of Republicans to suppress the political speech of their opponents, argues John K.... [Read More]
One journal now asks authors to explain citation gap. [Read More]
A new NCAA rule says Division I institutions must cover costs for certain basketball players who want to come back to college -- but experts... [Read More]
The University of Akron on Wednesday announced that it is terminating 19 percent of its degree tracks following a comprehensive review of academic programs. New admission to... [Read More]
The University of North Florida will close its Confucius Institute, a center of Chinese language education funded by the Chinese government, in February 2019 after... [Read More]
Some U.S. universities are waiving their application fees for Saudi Arabian students in Canada who have been ordered by the Saudi government to leave. The... [Read More]
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