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The former military intelligence operative quit the Pentagon but will continue to work on identifying UFOs that are still baffling scientists. [Read More]
Donald Trump can deny global warming all he wants, but the price can't be ignored after 2017's supercharged hurricanes and wildfires wreaked havoc from coast... [Read More]
With three declared candidates for the upcoming Senate primary, Republicans are trying to save as much face as possible, knowing that a loss is likely. [Read More]
The true story of a working-class teenager who loves dressing up in drag has been turned into a British theatrical hit. Now 'Everybody's Talking About... [Read More]
Designer drugs called 'bath salts' in the U.S. are dangerous to Americans, but addiction is epidemic among Russians, especially women. Many shoot up, and many... [Read More]
Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, spoke exclusively to The Daily Beast last week. Now Heyer's mentor Alfred Wilson and friends Justin Marks and Courtney Commander... [Read More]
Complaints are rising in California and other states about improper evictions and discharges. Advocates say some patients end up in cheap hotels, homeless, or back... [Read More]
Steel City boasts an amazing number of pizzerias that serve a hearty and cheesy version of the popular dish. [Read More]
The screen legend has reunited with his 'There Will Be Blood' director Paul Thomas Anderson for his final film, and what a lovely swan song... [Read More]
A single-point failure makes the world's busiest airport goes dark for hours and traps thousands of passengers. It's what phase one of an attack could... [Read More]
Instead of considering a person's ability to pay court fees, judges demanded impossible fees, jailed those who failed to pay—and profited off the system, the... [Read More]
Bewitching pivots help to carry you past the play's thin and mostly wanly eventless plot. [Read More]
The White House says it isn't contemplating firing Robert Mueller. But the president is eager to undercut him and the Russia-focused press corps. [Read More]
Meghan Markle's invite to Christmas 2017 at the Queen's Sandringham Estate is a very public seal of royal approval. [Read More]
Can a Disney classic keep pace with a golden era of children's theatrical masterpieces? [Read More]
Ebenezer Bassett was the first American diplomat to offer a dissident asylum— and in doing so, became the first to defy his bosses at the... [Read More]
The Daily Beast presents a look at one of the most insane houses in the world. [Read More]
The popular Netflix series is the first project starring a man accused of sexual misconduct to air completely as planned. And it's a troubling watch... [Read More]
From New York to San Francisco, these establishments aren't skimping on decorations and good cheer. [Read More]
For years, Republicans have been expert at using just the right words to demean Democrats. Doug Jones turned those tables in a big way. Democrats... [Read More]