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The new boss is same as the old boss. [Read More]
The protest movement triggered by a planned fuel-tax increase in France is more diverse, politically and socially, than most accounts show. [Read More]
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the first House members to support the BDS movement. Mehdi Hasan debunks some of the controversies surrounding BDS. [Read More]
Sen. Warren stumbled with a DNA test on her Native American ancestry. But she's harder on Wall Street than Kamala Harris and Cory Booker combined. [Read More]
As Devonia Inman prepares to go on trial for his life, the case against him starts to unravel. Meanwhile three more violent murders shock... [Read More]
The Trump-aligned Republican has offered two amendments that would make the anti-war measure largely meaningless. [Read More]
This week, a federal court will hear arguments in a case challenging the Trump administration's failure to implement a waiver system for the travel ban. [Read More]
Author Dan Kaufman, reporters Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith, and hip-hop artist Shad are this week's guests. [Read More]
DuPont opened a factory in Saudi Arabia last week that will produce reverse osmosis water filters to remove contaminants, including those caused by DuPont. [Read More]
The Stansted 15 face years of imprisonment after they stopped a plane from carrying asylum-seekers to countries where they may have faced persecution. [Read More]
A House rule that required a supermajority to raise taxes is being iced under pressure from the Congressional Progressive Caucus. [Read More]
Google risks being "complicit in human rights violations" if it brings censored search back to China, said a global coalition of over 60 groups. [Read More]
Larry Hogan, re-elected to his second and final term, should give juveniles with life sentences a real chance at parole, criminal justice reformers urge. [Read More]
"By getting this dip into the Senate, he gets an increased profile, an increased rolodex. It burnishes his stature but does nothing for the republic." [Read More]
The departing White House chief of staff was Trump's nasty and brutish mini-me. He was never the "adult in the room." [Read More]
Pipeline construction projects currently required to undergo months, or even years, of scrutiny from water experts will be allowed to speed forward. [Read More]
Brazil's president-elect has surrounded himself with cronies who are mired in corruption scandals and shady dealings. [Read More]
The drip, drip of documents from Mueller's inquiry into the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia exposes a dizzying number of lies by the president and... [Read More]
A major exhibition in New York looks to art as a method to understand how power really works. [Read More]
A United Nations report said a post about the "Muslim... national traitor" was shared over 1,000 times and that comments called for the person to... [Read More]