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In an interview as quick and insightful as his sticky-note doodles, Charles 'Chaz' Hutton talks about his larger-than-life Instagram persona 'instachaaz'... [Read More]
Internal Facebook documents advising moderators on what content is to be censored or allowed has leaked. [Read More]
Leaked Facebook Inc documents show how the social media company moderates issues such as hate speech, terrorism, pornography and self-harm on its platform, the Guardian... [Read More]
In the latest sign of mission creep in domestic de... [Read More]
Since Wednesday night, Twitter users have been gre... [Read More]
The FCC is moving to undo net neutrality and the associated consumer protections the FCC created under Tom Wheeler. ... [Read More]
When internet pioneer Vinton Cerf was 10, he was working on advanced math, and by the time he was 17, he was tinkering at programming... [Read More]
The new U.S. [Read More]
Pretty much everyone says they are in favor of net... [Read More]
Twitter's keeping more data about you, for longer, but offering more granular privacy tools in return. [Read More]
Food delivery site Zomato was subject to a data breach on May 18, 2017. According to reports a "Dark Web" operator called NClay was behind... [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission's vote tomor... [Read More]
One of the most significant events that took place... [Read More]
Columnist Jason Puckett discusses how today's most advanced advertisers are implementing sophisticated ad copy at scale across their accounts. [Read More]
What can today's industry shifts tell us about the future of SEO and content marketing? Columnist Jim Yu discusses some current trends and their implications. [Read More]
The public may not notice, but Banner and Scotts Bluff Counties now have an improved alert system to keep people updated when emergencies occur. [Read More]
From May 2-12, the Philippines hosted the 18th rou... [Read More]
A slew of new features are coming to Instagram Stories today, including reverse video, hashtags, and an eraser. [Read More]
The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) is upgrading its wireless broadband network in order to support thousands of researchers using mobile devices while moving... [Read More]
Google has confirmed they are testing removing the featured snippet from the main core web results. [Read More]
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