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If you're looking to get serious about saving money this year as part of your New Year's resolution, then we have some great tips to help get you started. [Read More]
Here's why fears that President Trump will change Medicare as you know it are probably overblown. [Read More]
Things have looked up for the fast-food giant. Will its impressive string of dividend increases continue? [Read More]
This fast-growing seller of apparel and gear stands out among plenty of other fading concepts. [Read More]
Figures about how much money the U.S. needs to rebuild the infrastructure of its brides, tunnels, roads, and airports differs wildly. In 2013, the American Society of Civil Engineers put the needed... [Read More]
A recent rally in IBM (NYSE: IBM) shares has taken them out of a nose dive, the drop based mostly on revenue which has dropped 19 consecutive quarters. However, a longer term look... [Read More]
The Dow (DJIA) has barely moved this year, up .33% to 18,927.25, undermining ambitions that it will reach 20,000. Among the Dow stocks, the largest drag on the index, at least in terms... [Read More]
Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares are up 3.61% to $120 so far this year, the best of any Dow (DJIA), and well ahead of the index itself which has risen .33% to 19,827.25. The... [Read More]
"Never bet against America." That's what Warren Buffett recently told CNBC when he was asked about incoming President Donald Trump, and what his. [Read More]
After a great deal of ups and downs, which have been mostly downs, Twitter's (NYSE: TWTR) shares have stabilized. They are flat for the year, The period during which Twitter shares surged due... [Read More]
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Many families can save thousands using this simple tax provision. Find out if you're one of them. [Read More]
Gold imports witnessed a fall of about 32 per cent to $17.7 billion in April-December... [Read More]
Zhang Lu, founder and managing partner of NewGen Capital, feels unworthy of lavish praise despite being named by Forbes as one of the leading young change-makers and innovators in the United States.... [Read More]
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No one likes to do estate planning, but it's essential if you want to make sure that your assets go where you want them to go after your death. Each... [Read More]
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The Bombay Stock Exchange has made it mandatory for listed companies to report the vot... [Read More]
Here's something that might surprise you: The average monthly Social Security retirement benefit was recently about $1,355, or $16,260 for the year,. [Read More]