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Investing with a socially conscious mindset is a noble undertaking. Many investors like the idea, but have no idea where to start. That's the perfect... [Read More]
In Connecticut, which embraced health reform, the percentage of uninsured sits at about 3.5, among the lowest in the nation. [Read More]
Former special ops helicopter pilot will share the story of heroism and the loss of his close friend, CW4 Terry Geer, at Nashville Storytellers on... [Read More]
Any company that has a lot of business operations in the Gulf Coast of Texas was expected to post poor results this past quarter because... [Read More]
Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL)(NASDAQ: GOOG) recently unveiled a new suite of hardware centered around the company's Google search and assistant software. Most notable were the Pixel... [Read More]
Both bitcoin and Bangladesh's economy are rapidly growing, but that's not where the similarities stop. [Read More]
Warm, dry Sunday. Rain returns Monday. [Read More]
Russell Investments' Doug Gordon explains what could drive the stock market even higher. [Read More]
BEEVILLE Oct. 13 Cattle on hand: 433 Sheep and goats: 3 Trends: Steers and heifers, steady/active. Steers: (200-300) $139-$218; (300-400) $132-$186; (400-500) $120-$174; (500-600) $111-$160;... [Read More]
If we want to know any countrys economic situation, then we can know it through the situation of the stock market. And the situation of... [Read More]
Disguised by a fit of coughing, the most significant policy statement in Theresa May's speech at the Conservative Party conference last month was a further... [Read More]
You spend the majority of your waking hours at the office, whether in meetings, or chained to your desk, so by the time the weekend... [Read More]
Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG) recently provided investors with its third-quarter financial report card, and the company delivered high marks for system placements and sales and... [Read More]
Whenever two giant companies come together, you have to assume there are going to be some early headaches as the newly combined entity goes through. [Read More]
Short term reaction will retreat as details emerge and global events dominate. [Read More]
The stock market hit another all-time high on Friday, but the "fake media" didn't spend much time covering that, President Donald Trump complained Saturday on... [Read More]
The Spanish government is activating a previously untapped constitutional article to take control of the Catalonia region in a bid to stop a rebellion from... [Read More]
As the U.S. solar market comes under attack from potential solar tariffs, SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR) has to be worried demand will deteriorate before its... [Read More]
The U.S. stock market feels as though it is made out of Teflon, with virtually nothing able to disrupt its climb to record levels. [Read More]
Your bills come every month so it would be nice if your portfolio income did too Unfortunately most dividend stocks make payments only once a... [Read More]