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Wilson is set to face trial Jan. 22 in Polk County for murder, attempted murder and weapons charges.        ... [Read More]
She faces three charges, including child endangerment with bodily injury.        ... [Read More]
Attempting to compare intelligence and gender doesn't yield much in the way of productive discussion. [Read More]
Allies have become accustomed to and content with only showing their solidarity when it seems to increase their social standing. [Read More]
As a local leader in officiating, I'm concerned about the future. [Read More]
Flannery Kennedy-Meier was initially arrested Nov. 13. [Read More]
Last in the Big Ten in points allowed? Hawkeyes seek better "activity level." [Read More]
"Makenzie knows she's got to heal up to make us a better team, and it's definitely testing her patience," Kathleen Doyle said. [Read More]
With 80 concerts and 150 other events hosted so far, Big Grove has become an entertainment venue unlike any other in the Iowa City area. [Read More]
The charged business owner runs Cermak Automotive in Iowa City        ... [Read More]
The next step in broadening the approach to STEM is deepening exposure to all students. [Read More]
Competitors wait to tee off during disc golf league play at Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. [Read More]
This will not make us "socialists" any more than funding roads and emergency services does. [Read More]
Thoughts on Iowa's 91-73 loss to Maryland that saw Fran McCaffery get ejected and the Big Ten come up empty. [Read More]
The elimination of the "head of household" category will increase basic tax rates by about 67 percent. [Read More]
Trump demonstrates some of the worst characteristics of human beings and many elected officials lack the courage to stand against him. [Read More]
Two of them especially, for those of us out late that evening. [Read More]
It is important that we do not lose our basic human rights in a rush to judgement against individuals accused of sexual misconduct. [Read More]
As it transitions to The Graduate hotel, sales managers from International Content Liquidations will be selling furnishings for the next 5 weeks. [Read More]
A framed image and lamp rest on the floor of a hotel room in the Sheraton Hotel on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. The hotel is... [Read More]