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President Trump didn't forget that he promised Iowa's corn growers he be there for them if they helped send him to Washington. He's told the... [Read More]
I sat in stunned silence as I watched President Trump make his proposal to end the stalemate he created when he shut down the government... [Read More]
President Trump's words and actions with regard to Russia were and are so alarming that the FBI believed they had no option but to open... [Read More]
It's official. Sen. Kamala Harris is running for president — making the announcement on "Good Morning America" early Monday morning. The first-term senator joins a... [Read More]
Sen. Kamala Harris enters the Democratic presidential primary race facing an immediate challenge: How does a first-term senator and relative newcomer to the national stage... [Read More]
Our two U.S. senators should hang their head in shame. They could help open the government by sending President Trump a Senate bill with a... [Read More]
Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, reportedly is considering running against President Trump for the Republican nomination. According to Politico, 'the second-term Maryland governor has... [Read More]
The government shutdown is now in its fifth week, and despite President Trump's sudden offer on Saturday, it's anybody's guess when this stalemate will end. [Read More]
"President Trump's latest proposal to address the humanitarian crisis on our nation's southern border and promote national security is a good-faith effort at a compromise." [Read More]
This comes as the partial government shutdown reaches day 29. [Read More]
"We have an opportunity to pass a bipartisan immigration bill." [Read More]
President Trump delivered a new annoucement today as he made an offer to democrats hoping to refund the government and end the shutdown. [Read More]
President Trump announced this afternoon his new proposal for the border wall in an attempt to placate Democrats and end the government shutdown. The president... [Read More]
During his tour last week of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown was asked how he would respond to attacks from... [Read More]
Tariffs and low commodity prices pulled the Rural Mainstreet Index 3 points lower this month. Half of the rural bank CEOs surveyed are concerned about... [Read More]
A Politico report this morning about Maryland Governor Larry Hogan - including a scheduled trip to Iowa in March - has people buzzing about whether... [Read More]
Really Nancy Pelosi? You want President Trump to cancel his State of the Union message because you are concerned with lack of security due to... [Read More]
The shutdown battle between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing out as a surreal game of constitutional brinkmanship, with both flexing... [Read More]
The war of words between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is heating up. Both sides blame the other for the 27 day long... [Read More]
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